December Wrap-up!

Hey guys!  I am a few days late, but I am here!  Last month I read 11 books.  I unfortunately got distracted and did not read all the books on my TBR pile which is a first for me… but I feel like I did well.

Books I got from Netgalley:

  1.  The Twilight Wife, A.J. Banner : After an accident Kyra can’t remember anything from last four years- including her husband.  While he is patient and attentive, something seems off… also, she keeps remembering another man.  Is the life she is leading real?  Five Stars
  2. The Bear and the Nightingale, Katherine Arden :  With pieces of Russian fairy tales woven in, this one kept me spellbound.  Five Stars

3.  Lotus, Lijia Zhang:  Having come to Shenzhen for a better life, for Lotus there is no going back.  She has to get her brother through school and send money back.  As a ji she can do this, though she isn’t your normal streetwalker.  This book was great,  and if I had never read Memoirs of a Geisha I may have liked it much better… it just wasn’t as magical.  Four Stars

4. Ready, Set, Rogue, Manda Collins: Scholar Ivy Wareham is one of four that inherited Beauchamp House from Lady Celeste (including that luscious library!).  All she wants is to finally live the life of a scholar… but Celeste’s nephew Quill wants to put an end to all of it.  Add to that, they find that Celeste’s death may not have been natural… can the two put aside their differences to find a murderer?  Five Stars

5. Waiting For an Earl Like You, Alexandra Hawkins: Justin Kemper and Olivia Lyndall have lived next door to each other forever, but it was always Gideon she preferred.  To keep his twin from her, he begins pretending to be him when he sees her.  With a bit of Sabrina, but also a large dose of it’s own magic, I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  I had issues with Justin, though… for a smart man he did some dumb things.  Four Stars

From First to Read, I read:

  1. The Most Dangerous Place on Earth, Lindsey Lee Johnson: Teens can be cruel.  Eighth grade Tristan decides to end his life after a long stint of bullying/cyber bullying.  Years later, everyone involved is still together in high school, feeling the effects of what they did.  Some try to change themselves completely, some are in denial as to their part…. all are damaged when a new teacher comes in.  Can she get through to these kids?  This book had a ton of potential that I just didn’t feel like it lived up to.  It was good, but I wanted more personal growth from each character than I saw.  Four Stars
  2. World, Chase Me Down, Andrew Hilleman: The story of Pat Crow, first man to successfully kidnap a kid and get the ransom.  Some idolized him, because he went after one of the big names in the meat industry and could not be caught until he gave himself up.  Love him or hate him it’s a hell of a ride, hopefully highly exaggerated.  Five Stars

I  bought:

  1. Library of Souls, Ransom Riggs: And thus ends the Peculiar Children trilogy.  The first book is still my favorite, but I loved this one.  Five Stars
  2. Private: The Royals, James Patterson and Rees Jones: This may be my favorite format for the Private books- it keeps them tight and on point.  A member of the royal family is kidnapped and Private has to get her back or heads will roll- or at least one.  Five Stars

Library books:

  1. The BFG, Roald Dahl (Book and Movie Review).  My husband bought me this movie and I realized I had never read the book!  I had to read the book first!  I loved it.  The Big Friendly Giant was sweet and charming (even if he does make up more words than Trump).  I loved Sophie.  Five Stars
  2. Black Widow: Forever Red, Margaret Stohl:  A YA action novel featuring an Avenger?  Yes, Please.  Five Stars

And that’s me…. have you read any of these?  What did you think?



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