January TBR

From Netgalley:

  1. the-patriotsThe Patriots, Sana Krasikov.  An astonishing first novel, epic in scope—that takes us from Brooklyn in the 1930s to Soviet Moscow and Siberia, and back to New York in the 1980s and beyond—about the price of loyalty, the lure of betrayal, and the bonds between a mother and a son.  (Summary taken from Netgalley).


2.  the-girl-before-jpgThe Girl Before, JP Delany:  I meant to read this last month, definitely this month.  (Summary from Netgalley)

In the tradition of The Girl on the Train, The Silent Wife, and Gone Girl comes an enthralling psychological thriller that spins one woman’s seemingly good fortune, and another woman’s mysterious fate, through a kaleidoscope of duplicity, death, and deception.
Please make a list of every possession you consider essential to your life.
The request seems odd, even intrusive—and for the two women who answer, the consequences are devastating.

From First to Read:

1. disaster-falls Disaster Falls, Stephane Gerson.  A family looses their son, and the father maps out their grief, and how they are all dealing.



From the Author:

1-3.  I have received the Jamie Quinn trilogy from Barbara Venkataraman in exchange for an honest review.  A lawyer, wrongfully accused of murder must find out what’s going on.  (That’s the first book’s premise).

Books I bought:

  1. the-book-jumperThe Book Jumper, Mechthild Glaser.  A girl able to literally leap into stories- how amazing does this sound?  I am so STOKED.  I have to admit, though, the cover got me on this one.



2. wayfarer Wayfarer, Alexandra Bracken.  I have been waiting for the sequel since I finished Passenger and am obsessed.  I preordered it months ago- I get it tomorrow!!!! (I hope to finish my current book today or it’s getting set aside because I will not wait).



3. never-never Never Never, James Patterson.  The first book in a new detective series.  Sex Crimes detective Harriet Blue is pulled into the office to be told that her brother is a suspect in a murder case.  Sent away to Perth so that the media can’t use her, she goes into the outback- the never never- to find a missing miner.  What she finds is a seedy mining town with a lot of secrets, Danny the miner isn’t the first to go missing.

I also bought a number of bookshots but I will get to those at the last of the month, time allowed.  I also want to finish Black Widow:  Red Vengeance, by Margaret Stohl.  I really like the story, but I have waited for The Book Jumper and Wayfarer for way too long.

This month I am putting six books on my TBR list, so that I have room incase something catches my attention.  What are you guys reading this month?




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