Black Widow: Red Vengeance, Margaret Stohl

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Title: Black Widow: Red Vengeance

Author Margaret Stohl

Pages: 438

Genre: YA action

Part of a series?  Yes, book two in the Black Widow books.

Published:  October 11th, 2016

This story picks up a year after Black Widow: Forever Red, Margaret Stohl, if you haven’t read it yet, you need to read it before this.  Ava and Natasha, the red and black widow respectively, are still tied to one another.  Ava is top of her class training to be a SHIELD operative, and Natasha is keeping busy doing….spy stuff.  Neither one is taking the loss of Alex well, but it ties them in one more way- they will have vengeance.  When Natasha gets a lead about the Red Room still having operations even without their leader, the two go to the Amazons to look around.  Natasha’s past is coming back to haunt her again, with a new threat that wants to crush her through Ava.  Add to this, there’s a new drug on the streets that could mean big problems.

I loved this book, it had a lot of action (flaming Harley’s and glowing swords, grenades…. It was like reading the latest Super Hero movie).  I loved the play between characters…. Though one came on the scene that I was not expecting and still don’t know what to do with (not saying who, I am trying hard to have less spoilers on my review).  I will say, this made me question their mental health a bit… but after their childhoods I never really imagined them to be well adjusted.  Ava has grown a lot since we first met her, and Natasha is coming around- it’s scary for her, caring so much about someone else.  Coulson and Stark are the same- sarcastic and hilarious while managing to be instrumental to the story line. Oh, and we meet Captain Marvel (she will eventually have her own story through Marvel by another author but I can’t find a timeline).  I really liked her as a character.  We end with certain things hanging open, easing the way for a third book (please let there be a third book!), but I haven’t seen any talk about it yet.  I hope there is one, though… I am nowhere near done with these characters.  Five stars.Five Stars

On the adult content scale I give it a six.  There is a lot of violence and language, as well as drug use.  I would still give it to a teen without issue. Parental Guidance

The book is out!  Don’t miss out on this.

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