Wayfarer, Alexandra Bracken

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Title: Wayfarer

Author: Alexandra Bracken

Pages: 532

Genre:  YA, Fantasy and science fiction (time travel)

Part of a series?  Yes, this is the second book in the Passenger series and should not be read before the other.

Published: January 3rd, 2017

                When we left off with the last book, Sophia had waltzed off with the Thorn men that took the astrolabe from Nicholas and Etta.  The remaining two are separated through time.  In order to get Etta back by his side, Nicholas begins a mad search for the astrolabe and anyone that can help.  Finding Sophia viciously beaten and missing an eye, he takes her along.   Running through passages they try to find any clues on the astrolabe and Etta, but other travelers are messing up the timelines and things are getting messy.  With the help of a beautiful thief names Li Min they just might make it through their journey alive, but at what cost?

                Etta, on the other hand, has landed with the Thorns; mainly her father.  The way he treats her, like she is precious and respected, is a revelation.  She sees what being a family of travelers can be like, and what is at stake.  Is it right to destroy the astrolabe as she had wanted?  What would happen to everyone?  With the world blowing up around her, Etta has to decide who to trust and how to proceed with her life.  Can she have a future with Nicholas even if she finds him again?

                I was on pins and needles waiting on this book since finishing the last.  I loved it so much!  The world building, the detail, the character interaction… I just loved it.  I enjoyed that you got to see deeper into some of the side characters, get a better feel for their hearts.  We got to understand Etta’s mother Rose better, meet her father Henry, and have a firmer understanding of Sophia who is a very complex, difficult character.  Setting each chapter by first listing the date and location allowed me to easily jump from character to character and keep up with the different story lines.  While there were times I was livid with characters, there isn’t a part of this book I didn’t like.  Five stars all the way!  I sincerely hope there will be at least one more book- the way it ended, there could be many!Five Stars

                On the adult content scale, there is language (thank you, Sophia), and violence mostly.  I would have no qualms about handing this off to the teens in my life, so I am still rating it a four.  General.svg

The book is out, go get it!

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