Weekly Wrap-up #1(January 2nd-8th)

Hey Guys!  I thought I would do a weekly wrap up this year instead of my What’s New Wednesday.  I see it around on other blogs and it just seems like a better way to keep up.  Let me know if you like it, or if you like the other way, okay?

Personal Life:

So, my New Years goals are to drink more water (check!) and go to the gym more (I am lazy/sick so this has not happened).  I also want to make a planner/organizational system that is actually going to last all year.  I bought three notebooks that you can add and move pages in (they sell them at Walmart pretty cheap).  One has large calendar pages where I write in the dates, but there’s a lot of room for writing.  That also has my to-do pages and personal journal entries should I decide to write any.  Mostly I am a kid at heart, so I am trying to keep myself entertained with stamps, stickers, and pretty pens.  I always start planner with the best of intentions, but never keep them up.  Maybe this will be my year.




In other news, we had to replace my windshield due to storm damage (Read: light amt of wind and snow/hale somehow cracked my frickin’ windshield).  I am also waning on my new glasses.  As my prescription has not changed in two years I am going for nicer, more expensive lenses.  They are no line bifocals with HD (whatever that means), and supposed to be able to block blue light from screens.  As nearly all my books are ebooks, I am hopeful that this will be helpful.  If not, next time we go back to the cheapies.

Bookish life:

I read Red Vengeance and Wayfarer and loved them both!  I am actually feeling withdrawals where both casts of characters are concerned and cannot wait for more.  I may read more of the Marvel prose books to hold me over.

I am currently reading:

the-good-daughterI received this book from First to Read.  It is starting out really well, and I am liking that I get time with several different characters, though as I just started I fail to see how they intertwine.






So what did you guys do this week?  Read anything good?



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