The Book Jumper, Mechthild Glaser

the-book-jumperspolier alertTitle: The Book Jumper

Author Mechthild Glaser

Pages: 384

Genre: Fantasy, YA

Part of a series? No.

Published: January 3rd, 2017

On the Island of Stormsay there are two special clans that can do something amazing- they can jump into books- literally.  It is their sworn duty to protect the book world.  Once,  though, there was a fire and a manuscript got ruined.  They saved what characters they could, but they would never have the story again.

Enter Amy and her mother Alexis, come to Alexis’ childhood home for the first time in order to forget the things going on in Germany.  This is the first that Amy has heard of her gift, but what bibliophile wouldn’t be thrilled?  She takes classes with the other Jumpers and goes first into The Jungle Book.  From there she learns that she can link to other books, and that she can jump from anywhere.  She starts noticing things going wrong in the book world, though.  Core ideas in stories (Dorothy’s cyclone, Dorian’s painting, and the talking rabbit from Wonderland) are going missing.  Amy and a few bookish friends have to find out what’s going on and fix it before the stories are irrevocably lost.

Okay, who hasn’t dreamed of being able to jump into their favorite story, to talk to one of the characters?  This book gave me that dream again as I lived vicariously through Amy.  I loved her interaction with Werther and Shere Khan.  I adored the idea behind the book world, the characters and the book village (where you can but a happy ending, and drink ink cocktails).  While I found issue with several characters, Betsy for instance was a bit one dimensional, I still love this book with my whole heart.  It made me a kid again for a little while, with it’s charming premise.  Also, it has to be said, I love that cover.  I saw the cover months before, and even before I knew what the book was wholly about I knew I would own it.  It also made me want to read The Jungle Book, The Little Prince, A Midsummer Night’s Dream (again) and The Odyssey.  Oh, and Sherlock Holmes!  Honestly, I cannot gush long enough about this book!  Five Stars plus one for creativity!  Five Starsstar

On the adult content scale, it is severely minor.  There is some violence, some talk of bullying.  Nothing major.  I would give this to my coworkers nine year old (combined, perhaps, with a dictionary).  I give it a two at most.  General.svg

The book is out and, honestly, why isn’t everyone reading this?




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