Weekly Wrap up! (January 9th-15th)

Hey guys!  You will have to excused me for the late post this week, I am exhausted.  The last few days have been really stressful, but it all ended up well.  Let’s get started.

Personal Life:

Current Mood:  angry-faceMy brother-in-law, Danny, was supposed to fly into town from Dallas last night…. but his flight got canceled.  He had been in transit from St. Petersburg and Kieve through Germany.  All went well.  When he it was time for the flight on American Airlines from Dallas home, it was cancelled due to weather.  Now, I will admit it was foggy, and there was talk… but really?  To add insult to injury, they could not give him another flight in twelve hours (though his bags were already on one and they would not get them- that’s right, room for the bags not for the customer).  They would not offer a refund for this part of the trip, and did not offer a hotel voucher.  My husband and I drove from Mo.  to Tx., got Danny, and brought him home before his bags made it to town.  (Currently waiting on them actually.)  So for a while we are not going to go through American Airlines.  As I said, it was foggy, and I am sure that sucks in the air so I can’t be too mad… who am I kidding.  They should have made my brother in law comfortable- apologies, a hotel, a comped meal, something!  We didn’t even know he was stranded for five hours because that was the layover time!  Safety first and all that, but take care of your customer.  Luckily the roads were not icy or anything, just fog.  Warren, my husband,  is exhausted but we are all safe and relatively happy.   Thank you, American Airlines, can we have my brother’s bags now?

Bookish Life:

I finished The Good Daughter and read the Book Jumper this week.  I have to admit to being a bit obsessed with The Book Jumper.  What bibliophile hasn’t dreamed of being able to go into their favorite stories and meet the characters?  Has anyone else read this?  What did you think?

Currently reading:


That’s it for me, what was your week like?



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