Weekly Wrap-up! (January 16th-22nd)

Personal Life:

With all the chaos of the trip to Dallas to get my brother in law my sleep pattern/reading time has been…. well… wonky.  I have not been my best emotionally due to these things.  I am on mood stabilizers, and so long as I keep to a fair routine I am alright.  I do fall victim to depression from time to time though.  I fear it caught me this week.  I was reading a book that I would normally have liked, I think, but because of my current blues could not relax into it.  I felt too much, was too sad.  I have set aside Disaster Falls until I am feeling better.

Saturday we spent the day with the O’hana celebrating my sister’s dog’s birthday (yeah… you heard me.  There was even doggie cake.).  P-chan the pug was pretty excited about all that.  I was more excited about the steak and cannoli inspired cake for the humans.  Mom comes up with the best desserts!

Earlier this week I saw my Mary Kay lady where I bought the Timewise Revealing Radiance facial peel.  That is a mouthful!  I get acne and redness on my face regularly, and I am starting to really wrinkle.  Vane as I am, I don’t like this.  Using this 10 min mask twice a week I am supposed to see a more even tone, less wrinkles, brighter skin…. so on and so forth.  We shall see.  I liked it the first time I used it, and some of my smaller bumps disappeared.  The redness got worse if anything… but I was told I would have to use this for a while.

Reading Life:

the-girl-before-jpgI got an ARC of this one from Netgalley.  While there were some issues, I really enjoyed this book.

Otherwise, I have been reading the USA Today trying to understand what’s going on with the inauguration and Trump’s choices of cabinet members.   I have to admit to being really confused by a lot of it.

disaster-fallsThis one is a current DNF, I am just not in the right mind frame for it right now.

the-patriotsAnother Netgalley pick.  I am slowly making my way through this one.  There are some technical inconsistencies, and pacing issues; but I am really interested in the story.  I don’t know much about Russia under Stalin, so the historical aspect is very interesting to me.  I have two pages of notes and am only half way done.

I have the next few days off, so I am hoping to make some headway and go on to either the Jaimie Quinn mystery/thrillers or Never never by James Patterson.

So that’s me, how was your week?



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