Weekly Wrap-up! (January 23rd-29th)

Hey guys!  This week kind of flew by me without me doing much of anything.  (I know, how boring!)  I just finished the fifth day of my seven day stretch at work.  Between that and spending some time with the husband (and reading, of course) I have nothing to report.  We’ll just skip the sad personal section this week and get to the good stuff.

Bookish Life:

I finished The Patriots at the beginning of the week and loved it.  It was a bit of a slow read, but very interesting.  I loved the characters, and found the historical aspects quite interesting.  The world building was fantastic!

The next three books I read were given to me by the author, Barbara Venkataraman, in exchange for an honest review.  (Which I am writing after this… I’m a bit behind.)  I loved the characters here, especially Jamie Quinn, the main character.  These were rather short; but really fun, fast reads.  I have already bought the fourth book!

I am currently reading Never Never by James Patterson and loving it.  Harriet Blue is a cop in Sydney.  When her brother is accused of a terrible crime, she is shipped to a mining camp near Perth to keep her safe from the reporters.  There, she and her new partner Witt are trying to find out what happened to a missing miner.  What they find at camp, though, is so much more than they thought they would…  Seriously, it’s really good!


And that’s me for the week!  What have you been up to?



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