Black and Blue, James Patterson and Candice Fox

lg-bookshots-black-and-bluespolier alertTitle: Black and Blue

Author: James Patterson and Candice Fox

Pages: 176

Genre: mystery, detective novel.

Is this part of a series?  Yes.  Book 0.5 of the Harriet Blue books.

Published:  December 6th 2016

When a beautiful girl is found dead on a river bank, Detective Harriet Blue thinks this is her in to what had been the men’s-only investigation of the George River Killer.  This is the biggest investigation in Sydney, and the sex-crimes detective wants in.  It meets all the killer’s trade marks.

The more she looks into the case with her partner (not their idea), Tox Barnes, the more she realizes that this isn’t what it seems.  This is not the George River Killer, but someone trying to kill their past and start fresh.  Between checking out leads and trying to reign in her partner that’s worse at doing things by the book than she is, she just might get this case solved.

Full disclosure- I read Never Never before this book because I simply was not paying attention.  Thus, my feelings for this introduction for Harriet may be jaded by the growth I saw there.  Here, she seems unnecessarily cruel and combative.  Chapter one finds her beating the daylights out of a man for getting off on a rape charge… we are lead to believe that he was guilty, but the fact remains he was found not guilty.  In chapter two, Harriet explains that she is not a vigilante but sometimes the law fails…. the definition of vigilante is as follows: 2. any person who takes the law into his or her own hands, as by avenging a crime.  HOW IS THIS NOT EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED IN CHAPTER ONE?  If she had money and a penis she’d be Batman.  Between this and our crazy, narcissistic baddie, I had issues finding likeable characters here.  The rest of the force was weak and vindictive,  the chief came off as weak.  My favorite character was Tox, a jack ass of extreme proportion who uses the fact that he was hated to exempt himself from doing his work correctly.  He, at least was interesting! 

        Even though the book was filled with characters I loved to hate, the premise here drew me in.  I loved the plot, as the writing style was seamless.    I also liked the little bit of info about Sam, because you don’t get a lot of info on her brother in Never Never.  I understand why the department acted the way it did about Harriet, but I cannot accept the way Tox was treated.  That upset me.  All in all this was a three star book for me simply for Tox and premise.  Three Stars

As far as the adult content goes, let’s see.  We have violence, language, sexual content (including visiting a porn studio).  I give it a seven.  mature audience.

The book is out.  Have you read it?  What did you think?

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