January Wrap-up!

This month went really fast for me!  I had a lot of great reads, and unfortunately my first DNF of the year.  I did not finish my First to Read pick, Disaster Falls by Stephane Gerson.  I want to go back to it on a later date; I just feel like I was just not in the right frame of mind for it.  Let’s talk about what I did read…

From Netgalley:

1.The Patriots, Sana Krasikov.  This was a great book for me, with a lot of interesting characters and facts.  I will admit I didn’t know much about Soviet Russia, so it was slow going for me as I processed a lot of information and took notes.  It was worth it though!  Five Stars

2. The Girl Before, J.P. Delaney. I loved this book!  Two women at different times, fall for the same home… and the same man.  The place with all it’s rules, though, can really change a person… Five Stars

From First to read:

  1. The Good Daughter, Alexandra Burt.    Told in four POV’s, we follow Dahlia as she tried to piece together her childhood.  There are so many questions!  Her mother was always very secretive and evasive.  Throughout her childhood there was a lot of moving, and issues with schools for not having the right paperwork.  Coming home, can she begin to understand her mother and her past?  Three Stars


Books From the author:

  1. The Jamie Quinn Mysteries (books 1-3), Barbara Venkataraman.  These were short, lightning fast mysteries surrounding a sweet and often hilarious family lawyer named Jamie Quinn.  My review has full details.  Five Stars

Books I bought:

  1. Wayfarer, Alexandra Bracken. This is the second book in the Passenger series, where we still follow Etta on her adventure but also learn more about Nicholas and Sophia as they try to find her.  I loved it!  I am on pins and needles to see if there will be more.  Five Stars
  2. Black Widow: Red Vengeance, Margaret Stohl. The second book in the Black Widow series find both widows scarred from the loss of Alex, but trying to keep themselves together and cling to one another.  I loved it!  This was interesting and exciting, touching and often hilarious.  I got all the feels!  Five Stars

3. The Book Jumper, Mechthild Glaser.  Another book I preordered.  Who, when they were younger, didn’t dream of being able to literally jump into their favorite book and converse with the characters?  It was amazing!  Five Stars

4. Black and Blue, James Patterson and Candice Fox.  The introduction to Harriet Blue’s series.  I had some serious issues with the characters, which made this a very hard sell for me; but the premise and Tox Barnes really saved it for me.  Three Stars

5. Never Never, James Patterson and Candice Fox.  This is a much better Harriet Blue book.  It starts right where Black and Blue left off.  Harry is shipped off to a mining camp to find out what happened to one of the miners.  She and her new partner, Edward Whittaker, have no derth of suspects.  We have ex.cons, trigger happy security, prostitutes, toll trolls (who are also the drug pushers in town) and a bunch of CEO’s that just don’t care.  Five Stars

That’s 11 books and 80 hours and 40 minutes of read time.  This is actually down from usual months.  I blame work and the winter blues.

Most Surprising book:  The Jamie Quinn mysteries were faster paced than I imagined, while still having fantastic character development.

Most interesting: The Patriots

I’m still fangirling about: Wayfarer, The Book Jumper and Red Vengeance.

That’s me for January!  What did you read?


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