Never Never, James Patterson and Candice Fox

never-neverspolier alertTitle: Never Never

Author: James Patterson and Candice Fox

Pages: 368

Genre: mystery, suspense, detective novel

Is this Part of a series?  Yes, book one of the Harriet Blue books.

Published: January 16th (?), 2017 (I thought it was the 23rd, could be wrong).

Harriet Blue has just found out that her brother is suspected of being the George River Killer.  To protect her, her chief has decided to ship her off to Perth, away from reporters.  Angry and feeling betrayed, she makes her way to the mining camps to find out what happened to a miner named Danny.

At the airport she meets her new partner, Edward Whittaker from Perth and they head out.  Between skeezy “toll trolls”, ex-cons, a trigger happy head of security, prostitutes and a group of CEO’s with that give zero cares about their crew there is no shortage of suspects or danger.  While they are there they learn that there are two other missing people from the camp, and the number is growing.  The presence of the detectives has only perked The Soldier’s interest.  Harriet Blue would be one of his most challenging opponents.

This… this is the book Harriet deserves.  Yes, she is still kicking ass, but you can better see her reasoning.  She is having trust issues, having been told the only person she loves is a killer by the only other person she trusts…. but here in the Never Never she begins to let her guard down for two people.  Whitt, who turns out to be a great partner, and camp supervisor named Gabe.  I liked Harry infinitely better here, but is it strange that I still found the sidekick more intriguing?  The story line and the play between characters were dynamite!  I loved it!  Five stars, and I can’t wait for the next installment.  While no Lindsey Boxer, Harriet Blue could still be a crowd favorite.    Five Stars

As far as the adult content scale goes, it’s a bit higher than the last.  We have language, violence, sexual content, and drugs.  I give it an eight.  adult content rubber stamp


The book is out, have you read it?

Link to book:




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