Always, Sarah Jio

alwaysspolier alertTitle: Always

Author: Sarah Jio

Pages:  288

Genre: fiction, romance

Is this part of a series?  No.

Publish date: 2-7-2017

I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Once, Kailey had one of those magnetic, all encompassing loves.  The kind that make you crazy… and get matching tattoos.  Then, out of nowhere, Cade is gone.  He just left her, left their life together… and she has to accept that.  He had been spiraling, drinking more and taking pills.  His record company was not what he wanted… he was loosing his edge… and yet, none of it made sense.

Fast forward ten years.  Kailey has finally found love again with gorgeous and sweet Ryan.  Everything is perfect, even their wedding plans!  Then, after dinner one night, Kailey gives her left overs to a homeless man.  When he looks up… it’s Cade.

Something happened all those years ago- he doesn’t know her or really himself!  Severe brain trauma and years on the street have taken it’s toll.  Kailey knows in her heart she can’t leave him this way.  She begins trying to get him help, and working to uncover what really happened ten years ago.

In all of this Ryan is supportive, but justifiably upset.  This is her ex, after all… the matching tattoo.  Both men love her, both want her… but who does she want, really?  Do you choose your first love,  crazy and manic, or your sweet love, steady and trusting?

I could not put this book down.  I loved Ryan, though I found him weak at times.  I loved his sweetness, his love, his trust.  I loved Kailey as one loves a sister that they still want to smack sometimes.  I hated some of the things she did, but I understood them.  She truly loved both men, and never wanted to hurt either of them.  And I loved Cade, both the larger-than-life exec and the homeless man trying to piece himself back together.  In a book such as this, not everyone gets a happy ending…. but, God, I wanted them to.

The book is written through Kailey’s eyes, both in the “present” of 2008 and in flashbacks of the late 90’s showing her relationship with Cade.  The writing style is fluid, and the premise was spellbinding.  I was enthralled.  Five Stars

On the adult content scale, there is sexual content, language, violence and substance abuse.  I would still give this book over to a teen, but maybe on the older end of that curve.  Parental Guidance

The book comes out 2-07-17, have tissues ready!

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