Weekly Wrap-up (January 30th- February 5th)

Personal Life:

I actually had one this week (hot dang!).  Sorry I was a bit later with my post than usual, I was busy this weekend.  I have bought and received a new bookish t-shirt which is way larger than I thought it would be, but I love it.  It is a gray shirt that says :” Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read books”.  I love it!  I  also got my nails done with the newspaper transfer, I have a really bad pic of the finished product.   (You can also see part of my silicon wedding band, of which I bought a pack of seven in different colors after I lost my titanium band).20170201_141915.jpg       This weekend I went out to dinner with the O’hana on Saturday.  They had a water pipe break while I was at work and Warren, my husband, went over to help fix it.  In thanks, they bought us dinner.  Sunday we went over again to watch the Super bowl (read: commercials and half time).  I have to admit, I am not one for watching sports, but it’s tradition.  Besides, I love those commercials.  Who won the Super bowl you ask?  Lady Gaga.  Lol tell me I’m wrong.  I am not even a fan of her music and I was incredibly entertained.  The woman has talent, it genre is just not in my usual style.  Here are the weekend pics.

Left to right: My brother-in-law Scott trying to figure out his burger.  My husband Warren, the king of selfies.  My sister Mei and I (the picture Warren was supposed to be taking when he took the selfie).  My brother’s Chihuahua, Noodle and I getting ready for the game.  Warren and I, after half time.  Scott, Mei and Mom… oh, so interested in the game.  Dad and Warren, waiting on the commercials.  Chalupa, my brother’s other Chihuahua, has given up on the Falcons.  And finally, my Sassy Britches welcoming me home.

Bookish Life:

Well, I finished my January wrap up and my February TBR posts.  I also read:

I also got myself review ready for the cookbook I had been going through for a few months.


So that was me this week, what did you do?



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