Weekly Wrap-up! (February 6th-12th)

Personal life: Hey guys!  We celebrated my Grandma Duchess’ birthday yesterday, so that was a lot of fun.  She is getting on in years and has dementia, but we are blessed that there are enough of us in the O’hana, some even with medical backgrounds, that we can keep her home.  Mostly she just has a lot of fun with the dogs, coloring, watching TV and scrapbooking.  It’s nice to get to spend time with her now, as she was a bit stiff when we were growing up.  Today, my sister Mei is getting ready to move on with the dream of becoming a doctor.  More schooling in Baltimore!  It’s been nice having her around, and I always enjoy her husband Scott’s company.  I am a bit worried about Mom getting empty nest syndrome… but there are three dogs to pamper at all times.

Bookish life:

I was feeling a bit sluggish this week and did not read like usual.  I did finish The Forgotten Girls, which I adored, and Hidden.  I had waited for so long for the next Owen Laukkanen book.  I love his character development and always enjoy the story line.  This is a series I find myself recommending more and more often.

So, that’s it for me…. how was your week?



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