Weekly Wrap-up! (February 13th-19th)

Personal Life:

Hey guys!  For Valentine’s Day my husband decided to give me one of the sweetest and most stressful gifts ever- we are redecorating the living room!  Both of us being terrible hoarders, we have shelves upon shelves of games, computer stuff, keyboards and nick nacks….. and no BOOKSHELF.  How’s a bibliophile lived five years with out book storage, you ask?

  1. Most of my books I read constantly are digital.
  2. We have a storage unit (I haven’t seen those books in five years and it hurts).
  3. I was allowed one box of unread books in the house (apparently I slipped another box of my Patterson novels in without Warren realizing it).

Mostly this means getting rid of the brogninagium monstrosity that my husband made nine years ago for $20 that held our computers, printer, scanner and television.  Also new bookshelves for me, and getting rid of roughly 1/3 of the misc. garbage that  my husband collects.  Oooh!  We also bought a nice futon- the mattress is actually attached and the sides come up like an armrest.  We are looking into pet net/chains so that I can also keep my stuffed animals out ( also in storage, though the couch is covered with my favorites right now).  I am so excited!  It did bring up questions that as an adult I ought to know, but never did.  For instance, what does one do with the broken loveseat that gets replaced?  Lots of items went to the DAV and Habitat for Humanity, but broken pieces?  Who knows?  (Apparently you can pay a small fee and schedule a pick up).


I know it seems silly- the bookshelf and stuffed animals and all… but they each have a story.  My large stuffed pig came from the Oklahoma State fair for instance.  I went with my husband and the O’hana… we weren’t even through the door when I saw a man with a pink stuffed pig in his arms and yelled out “I want that!”  My family laughed at me about it all day.  The next day, the family went back but I had to work.  When I came home Darling Charlotte was sitting on the bed for me.  Apparently Dad and Warren had talked to one of the Carnies and finagled the pig out of the guy for $20!  Then there’s the Bleach character- a small stuffed chicken in a blue cape named Rin Rin that I had been searching for forever, and Warren sent out for it.  Oh, and Totoro! He’s the perfect size for cuddles.  When he came in from Amazon his whiskers were detached  and my brother in law sewed them back for me.  I have the memory of stuffed animal surgery now.

Bookish life:

I haven’t been able to read nearly at all this week- maybe ten minutes today which is not normal for me.  I did finish two bookshots, and am slowly going through The Idiot and Everything Love Is.

It may take me a while to finish the last two, but I am loving them.  Things have just been so hectic!  I did like Malicious more than the previous Mitchum book and had a lot of fun with French Twist.

So, that’s it for me for this week.  What’s up with you?


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