Weekly Wrap-up! (February 20th-26th)

Personal Life:

Hey guys!  This week we are still working on reorganizing the living room.  Everything has been bought, but not put together.  We still have a stand to get set up that will have the printer and (hopefully) scanner.  We also need to put up pet nets and consider the pet chain idea, or a rod that would hold them attached to the wall.  On the bright side, we went to storage and got a lot of my books.  I am in the middle of trying to decide which to put on my 1 1/2 book shelves.  The largest amount so far is going to the library or used book stores.  If I haven’t missed them/ won’t read them again, I am purging them.  I went from five bookshelves to 1 1/2…. so it has to be important.  Some can and will go back to storage, but I am trying to be selective.  It’s hard… lol.  Already most of my Mythology books are on the shelves because I love the gorgeous, oversized things… I just can’t put them away again.

Bookish Life:

I ended up finishing The Idiot and Everything Love Is (review to follow after I have gone through my notes/ processed).  I loved them, but they were both slow reads for me.

I also finished Roanoke Girls (a First to Read pick I will review after processing it.  There are a lot of strong emotions right now).  I loved it, though it was twisted and disturbing.  I cannot recommend it for a young audience.


So, that was my week.  How was yours?



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