The Roanoke Girls, Amy Engle

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Title: The Roanoke Girls

Author: Amy Engle

Pages:  276

Genre: Mystery

Is this part of a series?  No.

Publish Date:  March 7th, 2017

                I received an eARC of this book from First to Read.  I am, as always, extremely grateful.


When Lane’s mother commits suicide, she finds that she has family in Kansas that want her.  Roanoke is like nothing she’s ever seen before.  Part of her loves it, surrounded by a cousin and granddad that love her, considered one of the beautiful and mysterious Roanoke girls.  There is something going on though.  Allegra shows her the wall- pics of all the Roanoke girls that have gone before- dead, ran, dead, ran and so on.  According to her, Roanoke girls don’t last long here.  Her mother being one of the ones that ran, Lane always wondered why.  There was also the question of why she behaved as she did, always sad.  Crying and angry.  When she discovers the truth behind life at Roanoke Lane runs too.

Eleven years later, Allegra is missing and Lane is back at Roanoke to find out what happened.  Nothing has changed, not really.  Tommy, even though he’s married, is still tied to Allegra and may be one of the few that truly want to find her.  Granddad is heartbroken, but seems more interested in keeping Lane.  Then there’s Cooper, the bad boy she had loved and left, now a man who has turned himself around.  Can this new, mature Cooper, keep Lane safe and sane while she solves this mystery, or will Roanoke lure her back into it’s embrace?

My thoughts:

I actually loved the writing style here; with it’s unique ways of allowing you to know other characters.  The story line was creepy and disturbing, but oh-so-good!  I could not put this one down!  Now, I can’t stress this enough, there is a lot of very disturbing material.  This is not one for the squeamish or light hearted.  In fact, I would say that this is not a book appropriate for a teen.  That’s just my opinion.  For me, though, I loved it.  Five stars all the way- just know what you’re getting into.Five Stars

As far as the adult content goes there’s language, violence and a large amount of sexual content.  I’m giving this one a nine, the content is disturbing. adult content rubber stamp

The book comes out 3-07-2017, be ready!

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