The House Husband

house-husbandspolier alertTitle: The House Husband

Author: James Patterson with Duane Swierczynski

Pages: 144

Genre: mystery, suspense

Is this part of a series? No.

Published:  January 26th, 2017


Detective Teagan Beaumont has come back from maternity leave into a mess.  Her partner is hiding something, her husband is having issues adapting and, let’s face it, she just doesn’t want to leave her baby every day.  Then there are the murders.  Several families have come up murdered.  A mother that killed her children, husband and herself.  A well off family where the mother poisoned her family, then overdosed on pain killers.  The one that shakes her, though, is when it is another police  man’s family.  It looked like the mother took a gun to her family and then herself.  But she knows this mother.  Nothing would have possessed her to do this.  Where do you loo for clues when nothing is as it seems?

At the same time W. Harold Poshen has the perfect life not far away.  He is the perfect father and house husband and loves his life.  Sometimes though, you just have to blow off a little steam.  And, really, can he help it when it makes him angry to see failing families?  All he wants is the perfect family.

My thoughts:

This was a good, fast read; though fairly predictable.  I did like Teagan, but it was harder to like the other characters as they were a bit underdeveloped for me.  I would be interested to see if Detective Teagan becomes a series, but as of yet this is a standalone novella.  The story line was interesting and engaging, and I found myself wrapped up in the mayhem.  I give it a three.  Three Stars


On the Adult Content Scale, I give it a six.  The violence gets pretty gruesome.

adult content road sign

The book is out- have you read it?

Link to book:



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