Come and Get Us, James Patterson with Shan Serafin

come and get usspolier alertTitle: Come and Get Us

Author: James Patterson with Shan Serafin

Pages:  160

Genre: thriller

Is this part of a series?  No.  This is a standalone bookshot

Published: December 6th, 2016


A family trip takes a deadly turn when Miranda’s car is deliberately run off the road.  Her young daughter is shaken, her husband badly hurt, and there’s no help in sight.  Miranda must move forward, climbing a mountainside in search of help.  Her husband’s parting words: “Be careful who you trust.”  What exactly has he gotten them into??? Dodging killers and running on fumes, can the family make it out alive?

My thoughts:

Holy heck, what a ride!  Buckle up and make sure to allow for a lot of suspension of disbelief.  While there is a lot going on that, let’s face it, would never really happen… isn’t it that way with most action/ thrillers?  This one may be a bit over the top, but it was fun, interesting, and, as promised, a lightning-fast read.  The story was really perfect for a bookshot.

I enjoyed the main characters, Miranda, Aaron and little Sierra.  I liked the dynamic between the three.   The premise caught my attention right away, and I was really interested.  It quickly became a favorite of mine.  Five Stars!  Five Stars

On the adult content scale, I give it a four.  There is some language and violence, but I have honestly read worse in a YA novel that I still handed to my 13 year old niece.  Still…Parental Guidance

The book is out.  Have you read it?

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The Black Book, James Patterson and David Ellis

the-black-bookspolier alertTitle: The Black Book

Author: James Patterson and David Ellis

Pages:  448

Genre: Mystery

Is this part of a series?  No.

Published: March 28th, 2017


How can you prove your innocence if you can’t remember the crime?  Billy Harney is a good cop- as is his father and sister.  It’s in the blood.  Shortly after the case of a life time that sees several prominent members of society shamed (or worse if they couldn’t strike a deal), Billy is left for dead along side his girlfriend and the prosecuting attorney for the last case, Amy, and his long term partner Kate.  The problem?  Everyone thinks he killed Amy and had some fort of shoot out with Kate; and he doesn’t know if they are right.  A two week stretch that includes that fateful night are a complete blank.    How can he pull himself out of this, and who can he trust to help him?

My thoughts:

While parts of the story seemed a bit rushed, (dare I say sloppy?)  I still loved this book.  The premise was interesting and I loved the characters.  There were some issues with the flow of the book, moving from one time to another, one POV to another… well, it wasn’t always as seamless as it could have been.

I think I am being harder on this book than others, maybe, because of the hype that Patterson/ promoters tried to place on this book- calling it his best work in twenty years.  It was good…. but I expect better from my beloved favorite author and thus am always hardest on his work.  Now there were interesting twists, and it kept me guessing, my interest piqued.  Even the characters I hated… I kind of loved them too.  There was a lot of intrigue here, and some great character dynamics.  I loved the book and it is still a five star for me.  Five Stars

On the adult content scale, I give it a solid seven.  There is sexual content (some of which is rather explicit), violence, and language.  This is not meant for a younger audience.  adult content rubber stamp

The book is out now.  Have you read it?

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Let’s talk about today’s new releases!

fantastic-beasts-crew a monster calls movie

This is a great week for new releases!!!!  In movies, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is out, along with A Monster Calls.  Now I got to see Fantastic Beasts in theatres with the O’hana and I adored that one- it’s definitely going to be a buy.  I have been looking forward to A Monster Calls, as I loved the book.  I am a bit behind in my movies though- I haven’t even seen Sing or Moana (or Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, if I am being honest).

These three beauties came out today- I even braved the local big book store for my copy of The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley  (there will be a mini rant at the end of this post about this experience).  I got an ARC for it and just loved it, I had to have a paper copy.

The Black Book is the newest James Patterson thriller.  I am about a third of the way in and I am loving it.

Strange the Dreamer is one of the books I was most excited about last year (the release was pushed back twice).  I had preordered this with my Barnes and Nobles settlement certificate last summer.  It sounds gorgeous and I can’t wait to read it!

And now, my mini rant.  I went to Books A Million today expecting to glance at their New Release table, snap some picks for the blog and get my book.  The books on the New Release table are mostly from January and February- they even had old bookshots on the table instead of the new ones.  Why have a table labeled New Releases if you aren’t going to put today’s releases on it?  I searched the store for ten minutes then waited in line for fifteen to talk to one of the two associates.  It seems the cashier did not know how to properly order a book for a customer so the café associate had to fix the transaction twice.  Realizing that my chosen associate may not be the most knowledgeable, I went after the café associate.  I waited for her to finish her drinks and asked her where today’s releases might be.  When I gave her the name of the book, she said she could not be sure whether they had it or not, but I ought to wait there for her.  Ten minutes later, she shows up with five copies.  That’s thirty five minutes mind you.  Still, she tried, and I felt bad for her so I ended up buying the book from them instead of Amazon- which by the way was eight dollars cheaper.  I swear I am never going into this store again.  We have some amazing used bookstores here in town, and I adore them.  In fact, I will be going to the anniversary party for Always Buying Books this weekend.  Sadly, you can’t get new releases there.  So, Amazon for the win.

What do you guys think?  What are you excited about this week?  And also, do you think I am being too harsh on the book store?   Being in retail myself, I know things happen… but honestly.  That was a hot mess.




Weekly Wrap-up! March 21st-26th

Personal life:

beauty and the beast          Warren and I went to see Beauty and the Beast!  It was amazing!  I love Emma Watson, and I felt like all the actors did an amazing job.  I actually liked this version of Lefou better.  Now, there has been some backlash because of an “obviously gay” character.  In all honesty I thought the older version of Lefou was gay, for one, and secondly…. who cares?!?  Seriously, it was less than nothing.  This was visually stunning, interesting, and well put together.  I am so buying the dvd when it comes out!


Bookish Life:

I read a lot this week!  I was lucky enough to be able to read The Missing Ones and The Idea of You thanks to Netgalley.  I also read two bookshots: The Shut-in and The End.  I really liked them all, though I was a bit destroyed by The Idea of You- I cried a lot.

Now I am reading The Black Book by James Patterson.  So far it’s amazing!  I am also gearing up to get Jeopardy In July by Barbara Venkatatman and Strange The Dreamer by Laini Taylor tomorrow.

So that’s me for the last week.  What have you been up to?



The End, James Patterson and Brendan DuBois

the endspolier alertTitle: The End

Author: James Patterson with Brendan DuBois

Pages:  144

Genre: thriller

Is this part of a series?  Yes it is listed as the first book in the Owen Taylor series

Published:  January 3rd 2017


It’s Owen Taylor’s last op with his team before he retires.  They are the best of the best- top secret.  When they are betrayed, Taylor must watch each member of his team fall.  All that matters is finishing the mission- and getting answers.  Someone has to pay for the lives lost.

Finally free of the military, he is finding adjusting to civilian life harder than he imagined, especially since the neighbors aren’t exactly breaking out the welcome wagon.  Can an ex-soldier carve a life for himself?

My thoughts:

I liked the characters, especially Owen, but there seemed to be pieces of the story missing or glossed over.  Maybe that was just me?  It is fast, and action packed… it just didn’t come to a satisfactory conclusion for  me, which brought it down to four stars.  Four Stars  I will be looking into the next book in the series.

On the adult content scale, there is a lot of violence and language.  I give it a seven.  adult content road sign

The book is out- have you read it?

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The Shut-In, James Patterson and Duane

the shut in

Title:  The Shut-in

Author: James Patterson and Duane Swierczynski

Pages: 144

Genre: Mystery, suspense

Is this part of a series?  This is a standalone Bookshot.

Published? March 7th, 2017


Due to an incredibly rare skin condition that makes it impossible to be in the sun without dying, Patricia has become a shut-in.  She works in her apartment and gets everything delivered.  Her only link to the outside world is Amelia, her beautiful, daring… drone.  She takes the device out several times a day to look around and people watch.  One day, she sees too much.  A business woman kills a homeless man- with an arrow!  As Patricia tries to calm down and bring Amelia home, the unthinkable happens.  Her drone is spotted.  Now the killer knows she’s been seen!

Going to the police was a bust- no evidence.  Amelia had crashed on the way home, and doesn’t record video anyway- only live streaming.  Scared and alone, Patricia has to figure out how to stop the killer before she is a victim herself.

My thoughts:

I felt like this was one of the better Bookshots.  I really enjoyed Patricia’s snarky character, and the premise caught me immediately.  This really was a book I could not put down!  Fast paced and intriguing, this is sure to be a fan favorite!  Five Stars!  Five Stars

On the adult content scale, I give it a six for violence and some language. Parental Guidance

The book is out.  Have you read it?

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The Idea of You, Amanda Prowse

the idea of youspolier alert

Title: The Idea of You

Author: Amanda Prowse

Pages: 322

Genre: women’s lit

Is this part of a series?  No

Published: March 21st, 2017

I received an eARC of this book from Netgalley and Lake Union Publishing.


                Nearing forty, Lucy Carpenter finally feels like she can have it all.  She has a great job, and a fantastic husband in Jonah; all she needs to complete this is a baby.  This, though, is harder to achieve than she thought.  After several miscarriages, Lucy is feeling fragile.  It’s now that Jonah’s teen daughter comes to stay, bringing her own dynamic into the family.  Can Lucy keep it together at work, and keep her family together while she herself is unraveling?  Added to this is a secret heartache from the past, one that she never told a soul, that just might be the ruin of her world.

My thoughts:

I loved this book, even as it broke me.  I loved Lucy, I wept for her and her great desire to be a mother.  Each miscarriage tore me apart, as if it were happening to a friend.  The pain, and the characters were very real, and the premise was perfect.  Without giving anything away, I will also say that I loved the ending and how Lucy grew through the book.

Interspersed through the book are snippets of a letter that Lucy is writing.  It reads like a journal entry almost, and gives us great insight into her feelings toward motherhood.  I really liked that aspect, and felt like it added a lot to the story.  This was definitely a five star book for me!  Five Stars

On the adult content scale, there’s language and some sexual content though it is fairly tame.  I give it a four.  General.svg

The book is out- have Kleenex ready!

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