Wonder Woman, Rebirth #1, Greg Lucas

wonder-woman-rebirthspolier alertTitle: Wonder Woman, Rebirth #1

Author: Greg Lucas, Liam Sharp

Pages: 28

Genre: comic, action

Is this part of a series?  Yes, along with being part of the Wonder Woman universe for DC comics, this is the start of their rebirth series, where they basically give us that are just starting the series a starting point, essentially starting the story over.

Published: February 28th, 2017

I received an eARC of this comic from Netgalley and DC Comics in exchange for an honest review under the proviso that the review is published after publication of the comic.  My thanks!  Let’s get started.


Diana is beginning to unravel a little, to loose her focus after personal tragedy.  She wants to see her home, to regroup…. but she was never supposed to be able to go back and now, somehow, she can’t find her way.  She goes to find one of the most brilliant minds she knows, only to find that past wrongs are still fresh and the once brilliant professor wants nothing to do with her; busy fighting her own battle.  When Wonder Woman offers to help reverse Cheetah’s curse, freeing her, she agrees to look into her problem.  While all this is going on a man from Diana’s past has been sent to the same area with his platoon to find out why girls from neighboring villages have gone missing.  Stuff goes down and WW has to save Steve, and fight.  Can she save the day?

My thoughts:

              For such a lot of plot, most of the time it seemed like nothing was happening.  It was a bit slow for my taste, and while there was a lot of back story to help you along I feel like this comic expected you to jump in knowing a thing or two about the WW universe.  Still, it was a quick read with fantastic graphics that I really enjoyed.  I did like that they gave Diana a bit of…well… problems, issues.  I like that she is imperfect a fallible.  I will definitely give the rest of the series a shot.  Three stars.  Three Stars 

As far as the Adult Content Scale goes, there is light language and violence.  I give it a four.  General.svg

The comic is out- have you read it?

Link to comic:




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