A mini rant…

I started a read for review book that sounded awesome.  I am only 5% into the book and already we have jumped story line a dozen times (I counted).  In each jump we get a little more story, but some seem completely random and do nothing but shove me out of the story.  I already have two pages of book notes because that is the only way to keep it straight.

The main character will be talking about a phone call, and mid thought we are sitting in his office talking to a conspiracy theorist.  You stay there for maybe two paragraphs, then we get to know about the wife WHO SO FAR REMAINS UN-NAMED.

I am not going to throw the book under the bus by listing the name yet because maybe this will make sense later…. I am just frustrated with it right now.  Seriously this story line is jumpier than a room full of meth addicts and I just want to know one thing:


I know that some authors go back and forth with timelines- there are times where it makes the story better.  The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley did that for me (I just realized I have yet to review that here.  It’s coming!).  But there are times where it is a) pointless, or b) not implemented well.  What do you guys think?



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