Weekly Wrap-up! (February 27th- March 5th)

Hey guys! I am a bit late with my weekly update this week.  Sorry about that!

Personal Life:

The hubs and I got around to watching Doctor Strange which was visually incredible and really trippy.  I loved it!  I have also been doing some research on what it would take to do my own acrylic nails- I love having these things but they are seriously eating into my book money.  So Thursday I am going to Sally’s Beauty Supply.  A cheap acrylic kit would start me, but they don’t come with acrylic primer, brush cleanser, or the practice hand (hey, I am not starting on myself unless I know I can kinda do it).  If anyone has any tips drop me a line!

Bookish Life:

I read The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley.  I loved it, and finished it around the fourth.  I really could not put this down!  The next book was Ill Will by Dan Chaon which I will admit I am struggling with.  I am about half done, and this part is better than the first 5%.

I also bought way too many books.  I am so excited about them though!  I have to admit, I am pretty desperate for Pretending is Lying- I ordered it in hard cover from Amazon and it will be here on my day off.

Book Haul:

So, that was me last week.  How was your week?




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