Pretending is Lying, Dominique Goblet

pretending is lyingspolier alertTitle: Pretending is Lying

Author: Dominique Goblet, translated by Sophie Yanow.

Pages: 144

Genre: illustrated memoir

Is this part of a series?  No.

Published:  February 7th, 2017

This is an illustrated memoir, moving back and forth in time.  It shows her relationship with her mother, father, child and a lover.  We only get snippets with art taking a large focus to express emotion and turmoil.  It is gorgeous and, I thought, quite brilliant.  Now the art is not what I usually gravitate toward.  It’s more raw, but that is what makes it perfect for this type of story.  I loved the glimpse into Goblet’s life, seeing the art filling the pages.  The way the pictures made me feel…. this is a quick read, but one you will return to again and again for the raw beauty.  It packs a very emotional punch.  Five Stars

On the adult content scale, there is some sexual content- nothing over the top but enough that I would caution giving to young teens.  I mean you don’t really “see” anything and you get worse in comics…. but still.  I give it a three.  Even still: Parental Guidance

The book is out.  Have you read it?

Link to book:




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