It’s Like This, Cat, Emily Neville

its-like-this-catspolier alertTitle: It’s Like This, Cat

Author: Emily Neville

Pages: 180 pages

Genre: coming of age, historic fiction

Is this part of a series?  No.

Published: originally in 1963, to be reissued March 15th, 2017.


I originally requested this title from Netgalley and Dover Publications.  The premise of the story, a boy coming of age in the 60’s whose best friend and sidekick is a tomcat named Cat, made me smile.  Honestly, I could not wait to read it.  I was approved, but the scans were such that I could not read them or get a real feel for the pictures.  Luckily Amazon Kindle has the text-only version for free, so I at least got to read the story.

Davey is a normal boy- he loves his mother and fights with his father who will “never understand him”.  While spending time with a neighbor he refers to as Aunt Kate and her many cats, he takes a shine to a stray.  Cat is different, special.  The two go on adventures, and through their time together Davey makes other friends, grows up a bit, and sees his father through the eyes of others.  I was very pleased with the story.

This spoke to me on one level, the relationship between Davey and Cat melting my heart.  They are our friends, our confidants, and can help us through life.  Also, the issues that he had in his family are ones that I believe every teen can understand.  They feel their parents don’t understand them- or are just cruel- but seeing his father through the eyes of Kate and another friend allows Davey to see a part of him that he never took the time to before.  I could wish I had had the pictures, but feel like the story was great on it’s own.  Five Stars!  Five Stars

This was written for children, and thus there really isn’t any adult content.  The worst thing that happens is that our Davey is offered a cigarette, and he has yelling matches with his father.  It really is very tame.

The reprint comes out tomorrow, I would definitely recommend it.

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