Weekly Wrap-up! March 13th-20th

Personal Life:

Let’s see, I have been busy with work the last few days so my weekly post is a bit late- plus I wanted to finish this last book first.  Warren and I have been watching a lot of NCIS and finished season 2 of Shin Chan (badly drawn, hugely inappropriate anime that I love about five year old Shin and his family- not for children).  Mostly I have been trying to understand the news- especially the things revolving around the white house.  If it weren’t for Randy Rainbow making me laugh I would probably cry.

Bookish life:

I read a lot.  I did get to read It’s Like This, Cat, and loved it.  I also read Milk and Honey which has been on my TBR list for a while.  Then there was Gone Without a Trace and My Last Lament.  It was a week of really great books!

Next, I will be reading The Missing Ones, and maybe some bookshots before Black Book is released.


So that’s me for this week.  How was your week?




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