The Missing Ones, Patricia Gibney

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Title: The Missing Ones

Author: Patricia Gibney

Pages:  518

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Is this part of a series?  Yes, it is listed as book one of the Detective Lottie Parker series.

Published:  May 16th, 2017

I received an eARC from Netgalley and Bookouture in exchange for an honest review.


Single mother Lottie Parker is trying to juggle three teen children and a demanding job while still not recovered from her husband Adam’s death.  Her life is in a tail spin, and with her case load there’s no time to breathe.

A woman is found dead in a cathedral, a man swinging from a tree in his own front yard.  The only thing it seems the two have in common is the fact that they work together.  As Lottie and her team dig deeper, they realize that this might have ties to a shady children’s home from years ago- one with ties to Lottie’s own past.  Scandal and secrets that could shake a community, hidden for decades.  How far would you go to keep the secret?

My thoughts:

I liked this book, and would like to see more of these characters.  Lottie is an interesting, if broken, character.  I liked the kids and Boyd; though I did find some of the characters very one note.  Told mostly Lottie’s POV , you do get insight into the minds of a few others.

While I loved the story, some pieces were very hard to deal with.  If pedophilia is a trigger for you, be warned.    I guess my only real complaint is that pieces- not all- of the story were a bit predictable.  Still it was a good read that held me captive from the beginning.  Four stars!Four Stars

As far as the adult content scale goes, I give it a nine.  The violence and abuse is hard to take, and I would not give it to a teen. adult content rubber stamp

The book is out now.  Have you read it?

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