Weekly Wrap-up! March 21st-26th

Personal life:

beauty and the beast          Warren and I went to see Beauty and the Beast!  It was amazing!  I love Emma Watson, and I felt like all the actors did an amazing job.  I actually liked this version of Lefou better.  Now, there has been some backlash because of an “obviously gay” character.  In all honesty I thought the older version of Lefou was gay, for one, and secondly…. who cares?!?  Seriously, it was less than nothing.  This was visually stunning, interesting, and well put together.  I am so buying the dvd when it comes out!


Bookish Life:

I read a lot this week!  I was lucky enough to be able to read The Missing Ones and The Idea of You thanks to Netgalley.  I also read two bookshots: The Shut-in and The End.  I really liked them all, though I was a bit destroyed by The Idea of You- I cried a lot.

Now I am reading The Black Book by James Patterson.  So far it’s amazing!  I am also gearing up to get Jeopardy In July by Barbara Venkatatman and Strange The Dreamer by Laini Taylor tomorrow.

So that’s me for the last week.  What have you been up to?




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