Weekly Wrap-up! March 27th-April 3rd!

Personal life:

Mom cut my hair this week- the bangs are doing it’s own thing in the pic, but I like it.  My sister Mei and her husband Scott are here on spring break, so I get to see them.  We went to Applebee’s with the family tonight.  I also saw them last night and we had game day Saturday, so I am feeling pretty lucky.  My brother Keo will be here from Seattle soon for a visit, and will be taking the Chihuahuas with him.  I will miss them, but I know it’ll be good for everyone.  He misses his babies.  Everyone teases me that Noodle, the more affectionate of the two, has become my cat-dog hybrid because she lets me pick her up and cuddle her.

Bookish Life:

I read The Black Book and Come and Get Us by James Patterson.  I loved these books!  They were both really fast paced and intensely interesting.  I also got to read Engaged in Danger and Jeopardy in July by Barbara Venkataraman.  Jamie Quinn is a sassy, funny heroine and I love these books to death.  All in all it was a really fun reading week.

I plan to read The Red Hunter by Lisa Unger next, but as Hidden Figures comes out on DVD tomorrow, I may have to deviate from this month’s TBR.  I have the book, and it is on my TBR-someday list… I just haven’t gotten to it yet.  I may start The Red Hunter on my tablet, but leave that at home and read Hidden Figures at work…

So that’s me for the week.  How was your week?




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