Weekly Wrap-up! April 4th-10th

Personal life:

This week went way too fast!  My two younger siblings were in town and I got to see them a lot.  That was nice.  What with Mei in medical school and Kyo working with films we are hardly ever all together any more.  Keo will be working fairly close next month, so I hope to see him then.  We went bowling, and had dinner a few times.  We also celebrated Mei and Keo’s April birthdays.

On Thursday we went to Rogers and Bentonville to go to a shopping outlet and then dinner.  There was a really gorgeous little tea shop- one of my passions.  Savoy Tea Co.  sold mostly loose leaf, but had some containers, much like Teavana, only a bit more reasonable.  There was also a café area so that we could relax and have a treat.  What I liked about this one, though is that they offered a monthly program where you got three different teas and notes/ stickers for $10 a month.  Considering the quality, this is really reasonable.  Sign up here.

Over the weekend my favorite local bookseller had their 16th anniversary.  There were cupcakes made by a local baker and nearly all the books were on sale.  You know I took advantage of that!  Here’s my $8 haul:


….and here’s my Sassy Britches getting pissed that I took a picture that wasn’t of her.


Blurry, I know.  She wouldn’t be still- she had to let her displeasure be known.

I have already read Invisible Ellen as a RFR, but I loved it so much.  I had been meaning to get a copy.  I also keep telling myself I will read Life of Pi someday.  At 50% off, I couldn’t resist.

Bookish Life:

I was feeling really bogged down this week, getting through Hidden Figures before it’s DVD release tomorrow.  I am afraid I did not like the book- far too dry for me.  I am going to see the movie eventually though- I have earned that!  I am now returning to The Red Hunter by Lisa Unger and the other books I have on my TBR list.  I did have the above book haul, and I got Momo on eBook.  I have been interested in this book since hearing about it in The Book Jumper.  I am also next in line for The Little Prince at the library.

So that was me this week.  What have you been up to?



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