Hidden Figures brought to the light with strength, dignity, and a lot of pizazz.

hidden_figures movie

Hey guys!  Happy New Release Tuesday!  My favorite movie rental shop was kind enough to hold a copy of Hidden Figures until I got off in the afternoon.  We grabbed subs, and sank down to watch history unfold.

Now, if you missed my review of the book, you can find it here.  Let’s just say that I found it a tad disappointing.  A story of this caliber, of this importance, demands all the feels.  I wanted to be furious at the rampant segregation, to rejoice with the girls- to feel their pride.  I wanted to be moved…. the tearful, heart pounding emotions one can feel when watching someone with everything stacked against them succeed anyway.  Hollywood provided this for me in a way that the print counterpart was simply incapable of.

With a highly talented acting staff, catchy music and camera magic the lives of these women were reachable.  These women became something more than real, and their struggle became one that broke my heart.

I believe it must be said, even if it is no longer a racial bias, in many ways segregation is still rife.  Bathrooms are still an issue, after all this time.  Just for different groups.  I don’t say this to downgrade what African Americans had to deal with, but to show us that these feelings are still relevant and we still need work on becoming “one people”.  *Hops off soapbox*.  Sorry about that.

Now, for me this movie earned five stars.  Five Stars  It was strong, meaningful, entertaining as hell and just really well done.  I was riveted.  Because of my personal feelings toward book and movie, I would say see the movie.  You don’t necessarily have to read the book.  You can get more information on each of these amazing women through research and most likely have more fun and spend less time.

Have you read the book?  Seen the movie?  What are your thoughts?



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