Weekly Wrap-up! April 24th- April 30th

Personal life:

I have been a bit all over the place this week and fell back on some goals I am afraid.  I did not go to the gym as much as possible due to just feeling icky.  I did buy little hand gripper things that I use sometimes when I watch a tv show.  That makes me feel better about no gym days.  As far as my healthier eating habits go…. during the day I do fairly well, but at home at night I usually just eat whatever.  I am incorporating more veggies and fruit into my diet, and cutting sugars where I can…. those carbs though.  I swear, there are moments when I will cut a b!tch for a French fry.    I have found some things that I like, though.  The Protein20 drink gives me energy, like an energy drink, and helps curb my hunger.  The bacon jerky has very little sugar, 130 calories per serving- and a serving is virtually half the bag!  I have not eaten a full serving in a snack.  Then there is my sweet- the Halo Top ice cream.  It is rich, creamy, and super sweet with really good specs.

Other than that, we have been taking care of P-chan for my parents while they were away.  She has behaved well, with very few mishaps (she is old and used to going out more often).  I have to talk to Mom about texting though.  99% of the time I will get text messages fine- especially with this new phone.  Once in a while, though, the text will hang out God-knows-where for a day and then send.  If you have something important to say ( such as the fact that you are leaving a day early and your geriatric pug will need tending to), it’s probably better to call.  I didn’t get the message until noon, when I was already stuck at work all day.  I pictured P-chan with no food, water, or pain meds for that long and lost my mind.  I forced my husband to leave work-because he’s allowed and I am not- to take care of her.

I also attempted to tan for the first time in nearly a year- sadly, I forgot how to set the time.  I thought I was pressing the right buttons but nothing happened!  Finally I gave up and tanned for one minute intervals twice before I finally got the bed to do what I wanted- a total of 6 minutes tanning.  Yeah… I am not feeling so smart.  Funny thing is, it was exactly what I had been trying only faster.  I was pressing the button too slowly and the time would lock.

Bookish Life:

I finished All The Best People and The Light We Lost.  They were both fantastic, but very emotional.  I loved them anyway.

I won’t finish my TBR list this month, I ran out of time.  I am currently reading Woman No. 17, because it comes out next on my list of ARCs.

Woman No. 17

That’s it for me this week, how was yours?



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