May The Fourth Be With You- 2017!

Hey guys!  While I am not as big a Star Wars fan, I have tons of friends that are and I love watching them celebrate their fandom.  Last year, I caught a local guy that dresses like a Madalorian and rides his scooter around town all day.  This year two of my buddies are having some fun.  My friend Chris took advantage of the fact that his work said he could dress up for the day.  Here’s his choice:










Honestly, I kind of love it!  It’s great that we can just laugh and have fun like this.  I mean, this is a pretty wild fandom really.  My best friend from high school belongs to a legion and they do a lot of fun things.  They go out and do volunteer work, go to cons and celebrations- there was one last month actually.  Finding him in this pic is like searching for Waldo, but I have to share because it’s awesome.

Mandalorian Mercs

He celebrated today by getting the Imperial Cog tattooed on him, and then getting into his Mandalorian outfit and going out. 


I love these guys, and I am so glad they were able to have fun!  As for me…


Lol just kidding.  What did you guys do do?


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