Weekly Wrap-up! May 7th-14th

Personal life

I have to say, this week has been stressful for me.  I was using the Myplate app on my phone to help with my diet and I almost always went over on sugar- due mostly to natural sugar.  How can I really get two servings of fruit in a day if a MANGO puts me over my limit?  Now, there are fruits with lower sugar, and I normally do that, but seriously 39 grams of sugar a day was not working for me.  I would use at least of that simply having carrots, mini sweet peppers and the like to snack on for work.  Not cool.

I jumped ship over to Myfitnesspal and am allowed another twenty grams sugar with their plan.  We will see how I do.  I also fear I am not using portions correctly.  I have a kitchen scale that my husband assures me I am to use to measure out my stuff in ounces or grams.  I got like five small strawberries in half a cup and I worry that that was more than I ought to have gotten. Maybe I am just overthinking this, as is my usual custom.  Making time for the gym continues to be an issue unless I force myself out of bed and do it first thing.  Let’s be real- after standing for eight hours I am not feeling like cycling.

One thing I have noticed, a lot of my work buds are super encouraging, but I have had some people food shaming me.  I am allowed 1,850 calories a day- and usually don’t get near that many.  Several hundred behind in fact.  One coworker has hassled me in the break room though, telling me I am eating too much and she would never allow herself half a serving of blueberries or a protein water.  She insists that I will never get healthy unless I eat under 900 calories a day.  Yeah…. I am not doing that.  I have gone from 232 pounds to 220, and  I feel like I am gaining muscle.  To me this is healthy.  My goal was never to become a swimsuit model, but to be healthier and have more energy (emphasis on energy… seriously it sucks being tired all the time).

Bookish life:

I am so excited!  I got my first paperback read for review.  I will hopefully get to Still Here by Lara Vapnyar this month.

I did finish My Godmother is a Drag Queen, and will review that today.  After that I started reading We Are Never Meeting In Real Life.  Full disclosure, while there are some real great parts I am having a really hard time with this one.  I get bored and move on to other things (I bought the rest of the x-men blue and gold series and Detective Cross by James Patterson).    Still this is my last book on this month’s TBR so I should have no issue finishing it and being able to read a bit more.

So that’s me for last week.  What’s new with you?




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