Keep Curious and Carry A Banana, H. A. Rey

keep curiousspolier alertTitle: Keep Curious and Carry A Banana: Words of Wisdom from the World of Curious George

Author: H. A. Rey

Pages: 80

Genre: children’s, humor

Is this book part of a series?  No.

Published: April 5th, 2016.

Curious George has been beloved by children for seventy five years.  Who hasn’t loved the cheeky little monkey?  Here we have inspirational sayings set to original art from the Curious George books.

I first found this over at Target on a shelf for Graduates, and I fell in love.  It is beautiful, funny, and really charming.  I loved the pictures, and the sayings were things that were good for one starting out to hear…. but also for those of us that have been plugging along through adulthood for a while, as we may have forgotten.  It has a nice, sturdy cover, which is appreciated.  The art is beautiful and colorful, and the book as a whole leaves one feeling refreshed after leafing through it.  Five stars!  Five Stars

My only complaint is with how my copy got to me.  Instead of buying one of Target’s pristine books, I ordered from Amazon.  I had never had any issues before so long as I didn’t buy from a seller but directly from Amazon.  Unfortunately, they went cheap.  Cardboard was wrapped around my book and glued shut.  By the time I got it my hard cover had several indents and there was a large dirty smudge across the right corner of the book.  If this book had been a gift, I would not have been able to give it to them that way.  Next time, I may just pick the book up at the store.

Here are some of my favorite pages from the book:

Link to book:







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