Weekly Wrap-up! May 29th- June 4th

Personal life:

20170602_165449Hey guys!  While I have been reading other’s posts, I have had zero time to post myself!  I still need my monthly wrap up/TBR and to review Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan.  I worked the last 6 days straight, and then spent time with the family.  My aunt was here so there was a bowling trip, dinner out, and a barbeque.

Warren got radio control boats for the guys to play with (seriously… boys and their toys).  I did make him promise that one was Dad’s early Father’s day gift.  He got a new position at work as head of IT, so he’s been treating himself- and me.  He grabbed my car the other day and got the oil changed, tires fixed/ rotated and a new stereo with Bluetooth installed so I can listen to my music off my phone.  It was really sweet!  Of course, I now realize that it was so that I didn’t kill him for the above boats.

As far as my healthy living plan…. there was a small snag.  I seem to have gained back a pound.  I am not going to go crazy- my weight will fluctuate as I gain muscle/ possibly retain some water.  It’s hard not to be angry at myself though.  I only want to move forward.  I got myself the above shirt, and promised myself that this month, even if I do make the required gym visits to earn the discount, I am still going.  I will incorporate my walks as well, but strength training is important as my upper body is pretty weak.

Warren joined me on one of my walks after dinner out.  We went to the park and met a new friend.  Warren has dubbed him Gilbert Gopher.  Gil was pretty happy to see people- especially when he noticed phones out.  That animal loves the camera!  It was nuts.

I also got an early morning visit to Wildcat before work.


Bookish life:

I slacked off here a bit.  I finished The Dark Prophecy and am working on The Little French Bistro by Nina George.  It really pulls you in from the first page!  I am loving it, but with all the craziness- news, family, workout and actual work- I didn’t have a lot of time.

trials of apollo 2       the little french bistro

I will try to catch up on posts and reviews this week, but for now, the trail is calling!






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