Get Lost (…and make new friends)

My morning rambles have been my favorite form of exercise so far- I do gym workouts, stationary bike, resistance bands, and tried Zumba, but Sassy Britches got curious and tried to kill me.  Yesterday I went to my favorite spot and started my walk on the other side of the creek.  Warren and I had done this trail once, and it linked up to the other side easily making for a nice 2.5 mile walk.  Well, somewhere along the way I took a wrong turn.  I kept thinking if I just kept moving forward I would a) find a way across, b) turn around and try to find the way back, or c) find a road, call a cab, and make them take me to my car.  Seriously, I was that lost.  Add to this, I had my pack with my book, keys, wallet, and two things of fruit…. but had forgotten my water bottle in said car that I can’t get to.  Luckily it was early enough that it wasn’t too hot- quite nice, actually.

So, I am sitting on one of the copious benches along the path contemplating my choices and getting ready to eat some of my cherries when a beautiful forest elf finds me- lol I am just kidding.  A lovely fisherwoman saw me walking up and down the path to bridge (saw it, but didn’t think it lead my way so I went back).  Monica introduced herself and walked me along the bridge and showed me my trail.  What my new bud forgot to mention was that it was up the side of a hill and hosted signs stating that one should proceed with caution.  I figure, in for a penny in for a pound.  The walk is narrow and I just knew my clumsy ass was going to fall off at any moment.  To add insult to injury I got passed by two older gentlemen with walking sticks- don’t be fooled, they can motor!  Half way through that part there was a stone table and bench so I decided now was the time for my impromptu breakfast- a large mandarin and 100 grams of cherries.  By the time I made it to familiar trails the two gentlemen were turning around to go back up!  Still, they were nice, as were the two women that I met on the walk.  I hope to be friends with Monica, as she seems very interesting.

Long story short, my 2.5 mile ramble turned into a 4.5 mile mini hike.  It was interesting, and beautiful…. and a little nerve wracking.  I called my husband as soon as I got to the car to let him know I was alive (I know, so melodramatic!).  He proceeded to buy me lunch and get me a pedicure.  Yeah…. I’m not spoiled.  I got some good pics though!  I wish I had asked Monica and the others if I could take theirs, but it seemed awkward and weird.

I kind of want to do this again- on purpose next time!  I may park at the bridge though, so that the hardest part for me is in the beginning.  Up hill is still hard, and ledges don’t make me happy, but it was beautiful and I was really proud of myself.  My out-of-shape butt did a 4.5 mile walk and I didn’t die!  Now, I did go slow, and sit when needed so it took roughly two hours round trip.  Lol, no wonder those guys passed me!  Maybe I shouldn’t bring my book on walks….



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