The Party, Robyn Harding

the partyspolier alertTitle: The Party

Author: Robyn Harding

Pages: 352

Genre: mystery, adult fiction

Is this part of a series?  No.

Published: June 6th, 2017

          I received an eARC of this book from Netgalley and Scout Press.  Sadly, time got away from me and I did not read it before it’s release.  My apologies for being late to The Party….

Jeff and Kim Sanders have their issues, but they have a good life.  Money, friends, respect, and two good children.  Hannah, their sweet daughter with good grades, is turning sixteen!  Invitations have been sent- four of her “best friends” for a slumber party.  The girls have been told the rules of the house- no drinking, boys, drugs or porn.  What could go wrong?

The answer to that, is everything.  Rules are broken and extremely bad choices are made that result in a life altering event.  One of our girls’ lives will change forever, each of them will feel the effects.  As the Sanders’ world unravels, secrets come out- no one is innocent.

I am glad that Goodreads labeled this correctly as adult fiction.  The blurb on Netgalley and the writing style often made one think of YA, and that would be a mistake.  I was on the fence about this book.  Like several other books I have read this year, it showcased the worst in teens- how cruel they can be.  Laden with bullying and backstabbing, this book cut me to the quick.  Throughout the novel one question came through my mind- would I want my niece- now 14- to read this?  Even though I trust her to be smart, to make good choices…. the answer is a resounding no.

As an adult, I can respect the nuances in the writing and how each of these characters were exceptionally crafted disasters.  I can love the plot, and watching it unfold.  As someone with a teen in her life, I hate it.  None of those girls- none of them!- showed any real growth throughout the heartbreaking story.  I despised the ending, but could it have ended any other way when there had been no lesson learned?  I guess I just hit on my main issue- there was no lesson learned.  I could sit Jules down and talk about each and every part of that book, but I can’t show her an epiphany- a moment where a character changes for the better.  Now, these characters weren’t all bad- and they did a lot of good things- but I feel like most if not all of the good they ever did was in self interest or pity.  Not because it was right, or they felt empathy.  For me, this is a three star book.  Three Stars   It was good, and I enjoyed it; but it could have been so much more and I was left dissatisfied.

On the adult content scale, this is a doozy.  Mild violence, sexual innuendo and some sexual content, drug use, alcohol, bullying and hate.  I give it an eight because it disturbed me, and I don’t know how it would affect a teen.  adult content road sign

The book is out.  Have you read it?

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