I am so very behind and feel awful!!!!

I-am-so-sorry-sad-puppyUgh!  I hate myself this month.  I had several read-for-reviews from First to Read and Netgalley and I swear I don’t think any of them will be out on time.  I don’t like doing that and, honestly, rarely do.  I just can’t get my act together.  I am especially worried about FTR, because it won’t let me post a review after the release date, so I basically failed.

It isn’t that I don’t want to read the books- I do!  I am just having trouble finding time to read right now, which is completely out of character.  Also, I may have been bad and started a free trial of Comixology- I swear I have only read a few Guardians of The Galaxy and X23!

Hopefully I will have a better work-exercise-housework-read-socialize routine down for next month.  One can dream, right?

Have you guys ever missed a bunch of release dates at once?  How did you feel?



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