Weekly Wrap-up! June 19th-25th

Personal life:

This week Warren and I went to the Miami Oklahoma pow wow.  Having never been to one, we had no idea what to expect but were told to show up at about 6:00 pm.  As I worked at 6:30 the next morning we were only going to stay a short while before heading off.   Needless to say, this was far too early.  As Warren now works closely with the tribe it was expected that we attend one of the days- either Friday or Saturday.  As Saturday is Family Game day, we decided on the first day.  There were vendors there, with beautiful bead works weaponry and blankets; along with several mouth watering- and diet crushing- concession stands (we ate before heading out, but I am still bummed that I missed out on Indian tacos and Fry Bread whatever that is).  There was some music- singing and drums of the war songs and Gourd dancing along with getting a good look at previous tribe princesses (a bit like Miss America where you are an ambassador for the tribe going to other tribes).  I loved it!  I would have loved to stay, but we left before the Grand Entrance at 8:30.  Next year I will request the next day off in advance so that we can enjoy more of the fun.

outgoing2016Here we have the previous Princess crowning the new.  These young women were beautiful, I got to watch them dance a bit to the singing and interact.  I loved how poised and respectful they were, it made me happy to see the confidence that this brings the girls.




Bookish Life:

Sadly I read a total of twelve and a half hours this week, which is far below what I used to read.  I did finish Eddie Izzard’s Believe Me (review to come after I finish here).  I loved that book.  I am severely behind on my TBR and decided to complicate matters by buying another book.  Lizzie Velasquez came out with a book called Dare To Be Kind.  Born with a rare genetic condition, Lizzie knew she didn’t look the same as everyone else.  At 17 she found a viral video of the “ugliest woman”, and found that it was her.  She has then become a motivational speaker and fighter against bullying.  Here, we will read about unlocking our better selves to make a better world.  How could I pass this up?

So, that’s me for the week.  What’s new with you?



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