Weekly Wrap-up! June 27th- July 4th

Personal life:

     Happy fourth of July guys!  I am a little late on my wrap up this week.  It’s been hectic.  Warren is working hard on getting a storage shed set up (he says it’s for me, so that I can get some of this stuff out of my house… but seriously, this is so that I don’t toss his three bikes- one of which will be made into a pedal-assist bicycle.  He’s talked about this for years… who knew this would be the pipe dream to happen?)  He and Dad got the old concrete out back leveled up with a whole lot of new, and it looks great.  We have ordered the shed from Home Depot and then the fun begins.

My sister Mei and her husband Scott are in town this week, and I will see them tonight after work.  I am really excited!  I love O’hana days.  Now I will admit, I hate fireworks.  They’re gorgeous, yes, but they are loud and can be dangerous (especially when drinking is involved).  I have seen too many idiots that I wouldn’t trust with a zippo lighting huge fireworks.  Plus, around my place it lasted until the 10th last year.  Every night until about one or two in the morning.  Anyway…. Rant ended.

I went to the nearby park today for a short walk in between rain showers.  It was nice and everything worked out fine.  When I got into the car to drive to work, though, my brakes failed before the first turn away from the house.  I drove slowly around the block to be sure I was right, and then called Warren.  My brake line snapped, we think.  I was able to park safely because I slowed down so much, but he was not amused.  Apparently I should have just used the e-brake wherever I was when I first noticed and called him.  (So, boys and girls that is apparently what we do- pull over immediately.  Call for help.)  I doubt my husband’s mechanic will be open today, but we’ll get it taken care of.  Until then, we still have Dad’s non-descript white van (you know those work vans you see everywhere covered in logos?  That’s Dad’s new van-minus logos.  I swear I want to spray paint “free candy” on the side.  It’s an awful joke, but it was my first thought upon seeing this monstrosity).  I may get Dad to let me drive it for a bit.

Bookish life:

I finished The Windfall this week and loved it.  I am on The confusion of Language now.  I still haven’t figured out how to incorporate more reading time into my new lifestyle.  It is really weird for me because before I was reading like 13-15 books a month- it was my life.  Now I might read an hour or two a day tops.  In the evening I find that I am having more trouble concentrating on books.  I’ll get my groove back, I just hope everyone bears with me until then.

Happy Fourth of July guys!  Be safe and have fun!




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