Weekly Wrap-up! July 9th-16th


Personal life:

Hey guys!  Ugh, it has been a week and a half from Hell.  I got the normal monthly ick with the violently ill thing my body likes to do….. for ten days.  I didn’t really blog.  I didn’t go for my walks.  The gym didn’t happen.  What did I do?  Gain two pounds.  I am getting back into the swing of things.  I took a two mile walk today, and went to the gym and walked yesterday.  While the gym will never be somewhere I am excited to go, I know I need to.  It is an important aspect of the healthier living lifestyle I am working towards.  So, no more excuses!  I need to walk and go to the gym.  I really need to work on my arms.

Warren is doing great on his plan, mostly because he does a lot more manual labor than I do (building the shed, pouring concrete, and apparently walking way more than I do at work).  I am both super proud and envious at the same time lol.

Bookish life:

I finished The Library of Fates, which I loved and will review tonight.  It was a great book!  I am now on The Library of Light and Shadow, but I am having trouble getting into it.  Sadly I am not finishing this book before it comes out tomorrow.  On a side note, I am pretty sure I chose both these books largely on the cover art.


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