A Tale of Two Kitties, Sophie Kelly

a tale of two kittlesspolier alertTitle: A Tale of Two Kitties

Author: Sophie Kelly

Pages: 336

Genre: cozy mystery

Is this part of a series?  Yes, this is book 9 of the Magical Cats Mysteries.

Publish Date: September 5th, 2017

With the arrival of two towns members- twin brothers that haven’t been back to their hometown in years- a twenty year old scandal is dredged up.  When one twin is discovered murdered it’s a race to catch the killer.

Cats Owen and Hercules have helped their owner discover things in the past with a well placed paw on a keyboard or a pointed stare.  Kathleen has long since come to terms with the fact that they aren’t “normal” cats, with the ability to comprehend what she is saying and make themselves understood through gesture (and with their other unique abilities).

Many thanks to Netgalley and Berkley Publishing Group for allowing me an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.  While I had not known it was in the middle of a series when I requested it, I was still able to fall in love with the characters and follow the story.  There is a lot of back story referenced, though, and I recommend reading those books-I have bought the first one and will be doing the same.  Still, this seems like a series that can be started from any point.

I liked the premise here- two cats and their human trying to solve crimes- kind of a Nancy Drew/ Scooby Doo thing.  The characters were well developed and easy to love, I actually miss them now that the story is over.  There were times when I feel like Kelly went a bit far with explanation (magical kitties- got that the first three times it was said),  but the writing style was good and it was a quick, fun read.  Really, I just thought this was adorable.  Four and a half stars.  Four Stars

On the adult content scale, there is very little.  There’s a bit of violence and I think someone cursed a couple times.  I give it a one at most.  This is a book I would hand a young teen without issue.  General.svg

The book comes out on the 9-5-17, have you read the others?

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Reincarnation Blues, Michael Poore

reincarnation bluesspolier alertTitle: Reincarnation Blues

Author: Michael Poore

Pages: 384

Genre: fiction, humor, sci fi

Is this part of a series?  No.

Published: 8-22-17


We all live our lives, moving forward everyday until death, where rebirth awaits. Always learning, growing, and striving for perfection.  Milo understands this, after nearly 10,000 lives he feels like he’s become very wise… but not perfect- never that.  In each life he tries to be a good man, a wise man.  He loves and he lives, and then he comes back to the afterlife and his great love, Suzy.  Then the rules change.  You only get so many lives to reach perfection- and he only has a handful left.  If you reach perfection you become part of everything- the whole.  If you do not…. you become nothing.  Just… gone.  The rub?  Either way, no Suzy.  As we move back and forth between his lives and after lives we learn why reincarnation can really bring the blues.

Oh… My… God.  A million thanks to First to Read for allowing me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.  What a ride.  Beside Milo I was a caveman, a king, a criminal- an innocent man imprisoned- a milk maid, a wise man and a fool.  I loved the flow of the book, taking us from life to life and beyond.  The premise of the Afterlife struck me as unique as well and one that I adored.  Death was a trip.  I loved Milo and his crew, and found myself rooting for him through it all.  Five stars all the way.  Five Stars

On the Adult Content scale, there’s a bit.  Sexual  content is there, and a bit high in places.  Then there’s foul language and some violence.  I give it a six, but will still be letting my teen niece read it if she wants.  Parental Guidance

The book is out- what are you waiting for?!?

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The Art of Hiding, Amanda Prowse

dfthe art of hidingspolier alertTitle: The Art of Hiding

Author: Amanda Prowse

Pages: 290

Genre: contemporary fiction, women’s lit

Is this part of a series?  No.

Published: July 18th, 2017


Nina McCarrick lives a great life far and away from the poverty in which she grew up.  She has an amazing husband, giant house, two wonderful children, living an easy, well-heeled life.  This all changes when a car crash takes husband Finn from the family.  Suddenly Nina is bombarded with truths that she knew nothing about.  Her husband’s company- gone- the money-gone-the house…. you guessed it.  Having to rely on her sister Tiggy for help she moves her boys from their posh school in bath to her old stomping grounds, a world away from everything they have ever known.  As each McCarrick fights to come to terms with their new reality, both without their security and without their figurehead, Nina must also invade the job market and figure out how to keep her family together.

My thanks to Netgalley and Lake Union Publishing for allowing me a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.  I loved this book, in fact, I stayed up all last night finishing it.  Nina is a fantastic character, loving and doting but with hidden steel.  It was great watching her find her stride.  Declan was everyone’s dream son, sweet and kind and funny.  Connor was an interesting blend of man and child.  It was interesting to see the way all the characters interacted with one another and how family ties played throughout.  The writing style was fantastic and had an easy flow between present and past memories.  For me, this was a five star book.  Five Stars

As far as the Adult Content Scale goes, there is some language but that it’s minimal.  I would barely give this a two.


The book is out now, have you read it?

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Weekly Wrap-up! August 8th-14th

Personal life:

I have been starting to get my art supplies out again and doodling (badly).  I am having fun with it though.  Otherwise, I haven’t really got anything to report here.

Bookish life:

I got completely side tracked!  Not only did I buy the rest of X-Men Gold and Blue that are out (read Gold, very confused because I have missed so many years.  Anyone that says this isn’t a superhero soap opera is lying.).  I still don’t think I will review these, because I have no basis for the last few arcs.  I have enjoyed them immensely, they just don’t seem to be my X-Men (i.e. the 90’s version).

I also bought Poe: Short stories and poems in Graphic Novel.  I have only flipped through so far, but I am loving it so far.  Annabelle Lee is particularly gorgeously done.  I love the idea behind this, adding visuals to classics and think it will allow these wonderful stories to shine for a new audience.  I am already thinking about the next classic I want to buy this way (the illustrator has done several).

I did finish two ARC’s: Seeking Sarah and How to Find Love in a Bookshop.  I still have a few I hope to finish this month.

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So that was me for the week.  How was yours?

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How To Find Love In A Bookshop, Veronica Henry

how to find love in a bookshopspolier alertTitle: How to Find Love in a Bookshop

Author: Veronica Henry

Pages: 336

Genre: Women’s fiction, romance

Is this part of a series?  No.

Publish date: August 15th, 2017

Upon the passing of her father, Emilia comes home to take over the family bookshop- Nightingale’s.  A book lover’s fantasy, everyone in Peasbrook has a story about how Nightingale’s- and the owner- changed their world.    As Emilia tries to get the well loved but financially failing bookshop in order, we are introduced to the other lives in Peasbrook.  The lady of the manor, kind hearted screw up/ thug, terribly shy cooking teacher, troubled teen and musical heart throb.  Everyone has a story, but does everybody get a happy ending?

I have to say that there were so many ways where this book could have gone bad.  Having so many POV’s could have made this hard to follow and awkward; instead it was fluid and beautiful- each character adding new dimension with their story without detracting from the overall premise.  Some of the character’s solutions were nearly too easy and could have easily felt like the author had given up on them and wrote in a quick wrap-up to get them out of the way (you know what I mean, we have all seen it).  Instead it seemed honest and thoughtful still.  I adored the play between characters, and descriptions of the place and people.  This became a real, thriving village to me with characters that I quickly fell madly in love with.

Now, as it is about a bookshop I could wish that there were even more references and quotes littered throughout, as with The Little Paris Bookshop.  Still, it might have detracted from the many stories swirling around already.  All in all, I give it five stars.  Five Stars

On the adult content scale there is some sexual content, though very mild, and some language- oh, and hints of drug use.  All three are very tame and I will still be letting my niece choose this book if she wants.  I give it a three.  General.svg

As always, I must thank First to Read for allowing me an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The book comes out tomorrow- be ready!

Link to book:


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Seeking Sarah, ReShonda Tate Billingsley

seeking sarahTitle: Seeking Sarah

Author: ReShonda Tate Billingley

Pages:  304

Genre: General fiction

Is this part of a series?  No.

Publish date:  August 15th, 2017

Summary from Goodreads:

From the time Brooke Green was seven years old, she has lived with the pain of losing her mother. Her father has done the best job he could in raising her, but a piece of her always felt empty. On the day of her father’s funeral, her grandmother breaks the shocking news: her mother, Sarah, is very much alive. She abandoned her family because she claimed she wasn’t fit for motherhood. After doing some research, Brooke discovers her mother is living in Atlanta, enjoying a great career…and a brand new family. Stunned, Brooke doesn’t know if she wants answers or revenge against the mother who abandoned her. When she meets Sarah’s husband, Tony, Brooke sees the perfect way to make her mother pay. But her plan for revenge just may leave everyone in danger, and end up costing Brooke more than she ever bargained for.

I would like to thank Netgalley and Gallery Books for giving me an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.  Once again, the blurb was better than the book.  I was extremely excited for this book, but with all the backstabbing, fighting and high drama I just felt drained after reading it.  The book was full of mainly unlikeable characters and unbelievable situations.  I kept waiting for our main character, Brooke, to grow… but I can’t say she ever did.  On the plus side, the writing style was flawless, the story moved well and was very easy to follow and get into.  I suppose it just wasn’t a favorite of mine.  I give it three stars.  Three Stars

On the adult content scale, there was a lot of language, sexual content and some violence.  I have to give it a six.

mature audience.

The book comes out on 8-15, let me know what you think.

Link to book:


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Weekly Wrap Up! August 4th -7th

Personal Life:  I went to Marian Days on Thursday.  I never miss the Vietnamese festival these days.  I do have to admit, it’s mostly the food that drags me in.  The fruit stall had some dragon fruit and jack fruit (shown above), which we bought; and some magosteen that was too rich for my blood at $20 for five pieces of fruit.  Sadly none of the hot food stalls had Warren’s jin dui.  We ended up at a dinner stall with the fam each getting rice vermicelli with cut egg rolls and veggies while I had my go-to pho.

I have kept to my goals as far as the energy drinks and have not had any since the beginning of August- so, one week down.  On the days I let myself have a diet pop, it’s usually sadly 20 oz, but it is less than I used to.  I got a good infuser to-go mug for water that I think will help.  Sodium is still a major issue for me as I want to go with what myfitnesspal says I should have in all areas.  If I go out, I am going over…. if I have a bowl of soup I am probably going over.  I am down to the weight I was before my husband made me the happiest woman ever (he hates when I call it my marriage weight, but it is all the weight I have gained in the past nine years of marriage).

Bookish Life:  I read one of my ARC’s, Seeking Sarah, which was not at all what I envisioned sadly.  Other than that, I blew my book budget on new books that I have no time to read currently because…. well, because it’s me.  Books are my addiction.  I got three paperbacks at my library for under a dollar all together, and grabbed the issues of X-Men Blue I was missing along with three new eBooks from amazon.  I would say that I won’t buy anymore until I am caught up…. but this is me we’re talking about.

So, that’s me for the week.  What’s up with you?

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