Where have I been?!?!

busy busy6Guys!  I am so sorry about the radio silence here!  I have tried to keep up with the posts of those I love and active in the community, but it feels like forever since I posted an update myself.

The end of August was a lot of fun for me, but also very stressful.  My husband had known forever that we were going to take a mini vacation and see the solar eclipse in all it’s glory.  He just didn’t know where.  Because he could not guarantee clear skies and good weather ahead of time he decided we would not be booking a hotel room, but actually decide where we were going (ie he would decide where we were going) the night before we left.   I begged and pleaded but to no avail.  Due to the amount of people that also wanted to see the eclipse I figured this meant I would be sleeping in a car for at least one night if not two.  Luckily he chose the St. Louis area where I had O’hana.  My beautiful and gracious cousin Kim loaned us the use of her house at the last minute while she was in Tennessee.   It was amazing!  Also, because of her kindness my husband was able to strike something off his bucket list- a helicopter tour of St.  Louis.  Pics will follow, but he has the best ones.  If you are ever in St.  Louis, MO. see as many museums as possible.  Most are free save parking, and they are exceptional.   We saw The Science Centerzoothe museum of fine arts, and the botanical garden (there is a charge here, but worth it).  I actually want to do a post that is just all the pics we took on our “skycation”, but have to get the ones Warren took and find out if I am allowed to post pictures of art from the museum- not sure of copyright law there.

Once home I was happy but exhausted and had fallen out of my routine for gym/walks.  We walked more in St.  Louis than probably ever, but I hadn’t had to wake up early and make plans around it.  This month has seen a large drop in basically all my health goals due to the “normal” illness and catching a bug later.  I am ashamed to say that I will not be making my gym goals, and will start fresh next month.  Happily I am not gaining weight, but I am not really loosing either and need to get back on track with exercise.

My birthday was the 19th and I am now 35.  Warren got me a little mp3 player for audio books ( currently listening to Dangerous Minds by Janet Evanovich), and an amazon card for added book funds.  Ulta, bless them, sent me a coupon for a nine color eyeshadow palate (free!).  Mom and Dad got me a bowling ball and shoes (I suck at bowling, but enjoy the weekly hang out and permission to eat pizza with the O’hana), as well as a wooden pendant made by a local artist The Wooden Doerr.  It was a lot of fun!

Now I am reading Hunting Prince Dracula by Kerri Maniscalco and enjoying it immensely!  I am excited to get back to my normal routine and keep up with my healthy living goals.  I missed you guys!

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