Dangerous Minds, Janet Evanovich

dangerous mindsspolier alertTitle: Dangerous Minds

Author: Janet Evanovich

Narrator:  Lorelei King

Pages:  319 (I got it on Audible, and I think it was roughly seven hours of play.)

Genre: humor, mystery

Is this part of a series?  Yes, book two of the Knight and Moon series (I highly recommend reading in order)

Published: June 20th, 2017


Our mismatched duo is back.  Emmerson’s old friend, a monk named Wayan, has lost his island- literally.  These things don’t just disappear….. and yet one did.  As Emmerson tries to get answers and Riley tries to reign in the crazy they come upon what could be one of the biggest cover-ups in history.  Needless to say conspiracy theorist extraordinaire Vernon is all in.

My thoughts:

First thing’s first…. There are a lot of people complaining that the book was too ridiculous and over the top.  That’s basically Evanovich’s m. o.  Honestly guys, after reading the Stephanie Plum series I knew this was going to be hilarious, but not at all grounded in reality- besides, the missing island should have clued you into that.  I mean, I read these for the lols.

The series is a bit (ok, a lot) more ridiculous than Plum’s, so be prepared for that.    I was on the fence about reading it myself, as book one hadn’t pulled me in completely.  I am glad I did though, as I enjoyed this one more than Curious Minds.  The characters are well developed and loveable if crazy.  I enjoyed the play between them all.  This is a quick, hilarious read that is just a lot of fun.  Just don’t try to take it too seriously…. For me this is a four star book.  Four Stars

On the adult content scale, there was violence, language, sexual innuendo and nudity.  I would still let my niece read it…. but be aware.  I give it a six.Parental Guidance

The book is out now- have you read it?

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