Weekly Wrap-Up! November 15th-20th

Personal life:

Guess who was awarded a free year at her gym!  Colaw Fitness has a deal where if three people sign up on their special night and use you as a reference you get a year free.  I guess I had been talking to my mother about it so much that she, dad, and Amanda (Dad’s nurse) came in on their open house night and signed up.  My cheap gym membership just got better!  Warren has also decided to sign up.  He was my +1, but could only work out when I was there; so he decided to get his own membership.

Bookish Life:

I am nearly caught up to where I want to be with ARC’s.  There are still several that are already out and I should be doing…. but there are also books that I really want to read.  I am behind on so many Patterson books- and they used to be priorities for me!  I think I just went request crazy and then haven’t had a ton of time for books outside my read-for-reviews.  I need to do better about requesting less.  That said, I have two more books coming to me from First to Read tomorrow so…. probably not happening.  And, of course, I am still finding books I love to buy.  My TBR list will never end!!!!!!   Lol it’s an addiction.  massive pile of books.jpg

Well that’s me this week.  How was your week?

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