Weekly Wrap-Up! November 21st-27th

Personal life:


me and santa christmas selfie.jpgI feel like my life is pretty boring actually, and have been wondering if I should keep this part up.  I don’t actually do a lot except work, read, and see my family- just like everyone else.  This week we did have my brother-in-law down though.  I always enjoy Daniel’s visits.  He and Warren are really close and play together on line nearly every night.

Before he went back to school we saw Thor: Ragnarok.  I loved that movie!  I am actually a huge fan of the comic book movies.  They’re amazing!  I mean, you can’t take them seriously.  This is crazy plots, zippy one liners and mind-blowing action- just like the comics. Thor Ragnarok

I was lucky enough to have the morning shift on Thanksgiving and missed working the sale entirely  (yeah, only took me 13 years to get the plum shift!).  Warren and I spent the evening at home, and had a nice meal just the two of us.  My parents had gone to visit my little brother for the holiday.  Basically the only other thing I have done this week is read and cut my hair.  I have a pixie cut now.   (I have a really bad selfie above…. with our Santa…. never did learn how to do a good selfie.)


Bookish life:

I got to catch up on my Patterson books and read four of them this week.  I decided to bunch them together in one review and have already posted it.  I loved them!  I am reading one of the ARC’s for early December now, and listening to Hardcore Twenty-four by Janet Evanovich.  I finished the Outlander audiobook, but think I need time to consider before giving a review.

So that’s me for the week.  What’s new with you?

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