Wrap up from the 12th on….

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Personal life:

We have been super busy and while I try to keep up on other’s posts, my own has really fallen behind.  My brother in law is staying with us on a prolonged visit for a bit while he tries to get into the college of his choice to start his master’s.

We found out that Spooky (Boo) hates her carrier.  She rammed her 6 lb body against it until it began to topple again and again.  To make her feel better we have gotten a harness and pet sling (pictured above) and a kitty car carrier (basically a box that attaches to her harness and the car seat so that she can see everything, but be safe).  She is other wise very sweet, curious, and energetic.  Sassy Britches hates her.  Luckily, all Sassy has to do is make noise and Boo allows her to have her way.  I was worried at first, but they have both started living normally if not cuddling each other.  I am calling that a win.

Lastly, I am still trying to understand politics.  How did we get to this point?  And what does a government shut down really mean?  What will it mean for my customers (soldiers, WIC, food stamps….)?  I have no answers and hope it all gets fixed before we find out.  I hate that I feel this way… that I don’t understand these things.  You go and google it though?  You get a lot of information on how the national parks are closed.  I hate that I don’t understand, it confuses me and I feel like less of an adult.

Bookish life:

I have been reading a lot, but not reviewing for a couple reasons.  First, I broke my tablet screen so it’s been harder to start reviews on the go.  I have an old walkin book that I can read my ARC’s on, but that’s about it.  I have two ARC’s I need to review and will try to get to them today, but I also have things to do in the outside world.

I have also been on a Cozy Mystery run because they are light, fun, fast and great for when I don’t have much time to devote to a book in one go.    I have read Janet Evanovich’s Wicked series, which was good and I plan to continue with ( I do prefer “could be a wizard” Glo to “used to be a ho” Lula) but it wasn’t stellar.  The plot is interesting, the characters are good, the dialogue is usually hilarious…. but as with the Stephanie Plum series, after you read one you basically know how all the others are going to go.  They are the tabloids of the book world and bless them for that.  Sometimes I just want light, hilarious fun.  I just don’t know if I should review them because all I could say would be the same for each one.  Also I would have to say too much about the plot and give too much away.  I feel like I would here because, well, what else do you talk about here?  Shortest… reviews…. ever.

In the same boat as the Wicked series are a group of books revolving around former-nurse-turned-fraud-investigator Pauline Sokol.  I like the stories fine, and I love most of the characters- though Jagger is getting on my last nerve as far as a love interest goes.  Still, while venues change the rest often seems to be the same.  She gets a case, she has to go under cover as a (you guessed it) nurse- or one time a patient.  She gets herself into trouble.  Jagger decides to help her, but demands help for his own thing as well.  Goldie tells her not to fall for the guy because he’s no good in relationship settings.  Some other hot, smart guy is interested, but she can’t get over Jagger.  She ends up basically tripping over the answer to her case.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  It is fun and interesting and well worth the $8, but not exactly stellar literature.  I guess what I am asking myself is this:  together they come out to seven books that would get about three star reviews.  Is it even worth the effort of doing as each one would basically say the same thing- love the characters, tired of Jagger, a good time was still had by all.  What do you guys think?

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