All the Cat Junk….

I love Amazon- you can find literally anything there.  I find I rely on them more and more for any special things my fur-kids need.  Some went over really well…. and some not at all.  I thought I would share this year’s “cat junk” and let you know my thoughts on the items.  Yes, I know it isn’t book related, but hey, these girls have taken over my life they may as well come into the blog once in a while.  That said, here we go:


Cat nail clippers with angled blade:  Sassy’s previous owners had completely declawed her, which I don’t agree with; but it had obviously been a very long time since I needed clippers.  These seem to work fine and I wasn’t splitting nails or anything so I am going to give them a four star review here.  That said, Boo is turns into a Tasmanian Devil when I have these, so I just let Petsmart Grooming take care of that.  They have a lady named Debbie here (shout out to #kittygrandma) and she is amazing at these things.  Honestly this is less stressful for everyone.  Again, the clippers are fine, I just don’t want to hurt her.  normal star rating normal star ratingnormal star ratingnormal star rating

2.  kitty car seatPowkoo Dog Car booster seat with clip on safety leash and zipper storage:  I have a love hate relationship with this thing.  Boo cannot stand the pet carrier and will ram her body against all sides and the gate to try to get out.  I had to find an alternate way to get her to vet/groomers.  has a long strap that goes around the back of a car seat (passenger front for me) and has a safety leash that hooks to part of her harness- not, sadly the actual circle as it is too big.  It keeps Boo mostly contained so that she can get as far as the arm rest between out seats but no farther.  The actual basket does not stay up very well, so I feel like that part is basically pointless unless your animal wants to stay in it…. and let’s be honest, no cat is going to WANT to stay there, they have to be trained and I gave up to easily.  4.5 stars for the safety leash, one for the actual basket.  Together I would say a solid three stars.  normal star ratingnormal star ratingnormal star rating



kitty carrier

3. Invictus black oxford cat/dog sling in large:    This is how Boo gets into the groomer/vet. There is a small strap that links to her harness and you just set her into the plush, washable inside.  There is a zipper at the back to secure the opening more, though I do wish it zipped a bit further as she can still get her from paws out- she can’t go anywhere, but we still have power struggles sometimes.  Mostly, though, she just likes to hunker down and let me look crazy and I pet the outside of my messenger bag while talking to it.  For what it is, though, this is awesome.  Five stars!  I only worry about when the chubby thing gets too big for either that or the harness.   normal star ratingnormal star ratingnormal star ratingnormal star ratingnormal star rating

4. Kong Easy Treat in Bacon & Cheese:  I know, not a cat treat, but my girls went nuts for it at

kongthe vet.  I only dole out a few grams and this can will last me a long time.  Boo gets this


with her dental treats (courtesy of Petsmart, comes in a forgettable blue bag) and maybe when I have to lock her up for a long time to take care of Sassy.  Being on the renal diet, Sassy’s food is prescription and I have to lock the other cat up or she’ll eat whatever is left in the bowl.   Now, the nozzel did not last two minutes- mostly because Boo tried to help herself when I was preoccupied and broke it- but I can still get stuff out.  Do not leave this unattended with a crazy animal.  Otherwise I would give this four stars.  The girls love it and I have to believe it’s better for them than cheese-wiz.  normal star ratingnormal star ratingnormal star ratingnormal star ratingnormal star rating


5.  Tomlyn Nutri-cal for cats:  The truth?  This is vial.  I got it to add to Sassy’s food before we knew she had kidney failure.  At the time she had an upper respiratory infection and was dropping weight.  All I could get her to eat was beef flavored baby food (yeah, I can be a pretty bad pet mom).  Warren was worried that it didn’t give her everything she needed thus we thought to use this gel as a nutritional supplement.   For one, it isn’t gel; it’s goo.  Thick, stinky, sticky goo that looks like primordial ooze.  My cats wouldn’t touch it, nor anything tainted with even a drop of it.  I can’t say as I blame them.  The only saving grace is I only wasted $5.  I am not giving this a single star as it does not merit one.


6.  Omegease: Omega rich fish oil.  This was to be added to whatever wet food Sassy got to give her extra omega 3,6,and 9.  It is liquid and smells like fish.  Boo likes it, Sassy accepts it so long as I don’t go too crazy.  Now that she eats mostly dry food I don’t find that I use it very often, but if your cat eats wet I highly recommend it.  Mixes easily, non messy pump, and keeps in the fridge for four months.  Five stars!  normal star ratingnormal star ratingnormal star ratingnormal star ratingnormal star rating

81GwnPrsMoL._SL1500_7.  Arm & Hammer advanced care dog/cat toothbrush and toothpaste kit:  Let’s be real… who knew you were supposed to brush your cat’s teeth?  Sassy’s are horrible and the vet talked to me about doing this.  That said, we bought this for Boo- Sassy is already having to get an IV of Saline most nights and I don’t want to upset her anymore.  Besides I feel like starting now would be a bit worthless.  #kittygrandma taught me how to brush (use the little brush and just apply the paste, don’t scrub like you would your own or you might make their gums bleed.  Grab them “like their mama would” and tilt back slightly so that they are imobile and open their mouth.  Spread from side to side and release.  No rinse).  The paste is beef flavor, so Boo likes it, but this does nothing for her cat breathe.  It also comes with a tiny brush that goes on your finger so that you can apply that way, but I didn’t even want to think about that.  My only complaint is that I wish it came with a case to keep the toothbrush clean.  As it is, I keep it in a zip lock bag and brush 2-3 times a week… you know, whenever I remember.  It is a five star product- highly recommended.  normal star ratingnormal star ratingnormal star ratingnormal star ratingnormal star rating


Now then, let’s leave Amazon and talk about just a few of the other things we have gotten.

royal canin cat1.  I mentioned Sassy has Kidney disease?  This is the prescription food.  It is roughly $30 for a 6 lb. bag, but it is worth it.  After being put on this (once she figured out she would get nothing else to eat) Sassy has gained about a pound and a quarter back and is slowly getting back to her fighting weight.  We put out maybe a fourth cup at a time and she won’t even eat that much, she never had much appetite.  She does like this better than the wet food, though.  We feed her twice a day- more if we are home.  What she doesn’t eat goes into a zip lock bag with the bowl for the next meal.  Sold at petsmart, and actually cheaper than amazon.  Shocking.  I know there are people that make their own food, but I tried a mashed veg recipe and Sassy would not go for it- neither would Boo.  If you can afford it, go with this.  Five stars!  normal star ratingnormal star ratingnormal star ratingnormal star ratingnormal star rating

dental treat.png2.  This is Boo’s dental treats.  It says to give them 7-14 a day, but that seems like a lot especially since I also brush her teeth and plan to get them cleaned at the vet yearly.  She gets three treats at a time, usually only once a day unless she’s had a really bad day.  She loves these, and it does seem like the texture of them are designed well to do what it needs…. I guess we’ll find out at her next check-up!  As you can get a 13.5 oz jar with a good lid for under $7.00 I feel like this is a far better value than the Greenie brand that Boo didn’t care for.  Five stars!  normal star ratingnormal star ratingnormal star ratingnormal star ratingnormal star rating

3. kitty cuddle buddies:  Sassy tried to take one of Boo’s toys so I thought she needed one for her.  This

cuddle pas

opens at the bottom with velcro and has a microwaveable buckwheat pillow that you can heat so that your kitty’s stuffie is warm and comforting.  I feel like any sane cat would be gaga for this.  Mine were not.  The buckwheat has a scent making it something Sassy won’t accept, and Boo thinks the warmth is creepy.  Go figure.  I can’t in fairness give this one a star review because I honestly think it’s the




cats, not the product.

cat kick toys4. Cat kick toys: My Walmart has these in different birds.  We got Boo the Peacock.  It is almost as long as her torso and is filled with cat nip- plus it makes a crinkle sound and has feathers at both ends.  What’s not to love?  She messes with this thing forever- tackling it, throwing it, biting, hugging and dragging it around with her.  This is actually the one that Sassy tried to steal because she liked the sound and would rub her head against it.  Boo was confused, but very polite about it, relinquishing the toy.  We bought a chicken one too, so that they could both have one, but both seem to have decided to share the peacock.

Lastly, laser pointers.   Everyone knows what this looks like, I am not even going to put a pic.  Boo is gaga over these things.  She can’t help herself and Warren can wind her up running around for like half an hour.  She seems to know he controls the dot, she just doesn’t care.  I have started buying the 4-in-one pens from my local dollar tree in bulk because, why not?  We have one on each desk and Warren’s night stand as well as backups incase one breaks or gets lost.  You can’t beat it for a dollar!

Wow, this was longer than I thought it would be…. what do you guys get your fur-kids?



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