Wrap up for…. most of March

march for our lives

Hey guys!  So, my life has been pretty sedate.  I don’t really do anything but hang out with the husband/cats and go to work.  I do have some medical stuff going on, and a big decision to make, but for the most part I have felt tired but fantastic.  It seems I have hypothyroid, which could be the cause of some of my minor ailments.  I have been on meds for it about three weeks now and can see a vast improvement.  Mostly, though, I wanted to take this moment to speak about the recent marches.

Not everyone will agree with me on this, or really anything political.  I am okay with that.  I don’t usually get political on my blog because I have seen it get really heated and well, rude, to be honest.  I have to say a few things though, so I hope everyone will bear with me.

I am so very proud of some of the young people out there.  There are some strong, articulate and brave people heading the marches for better gun control and safety in schools.  I have heard very little of any acts of violence here, which I admire as violence has no place in a meaningful protest- a demand for change.  We have to use our voices, we have to be heard.  We also have to show at least the minimum degree of respect.  There is a story going around about a young man that wrote his congressman- in itself this is a brilliant idea.  In the letter he used inappropriate language, cursed at the congressman and told him to get off his ass.  Yes, many of us are thinking it, but actually saying it is something else entirely.  The story intimated that said congressman got the youth suspended.  Again, not sure if this is true… but it sounds like something that could happen.  We have to be sure we are being articulate, allowing for emotion, yes, but expressing ourselves in smart ways.

There is a book coming out in May 15th called How I Resist: Activism and Hope for a New Generation.  I preordered it last month as I believe it will be a very necessary piece for myself, my blog friends, and my niece who is in High School right now, going through all the emotions that teen years bring, along with the new political climate.  It is a group of essays, songs, illustrations and the like written by people who have been activists and fought their own campaigns.  If it is done well, and I firmly believe it will be, this could be a beacon of hope for our youths who are just now learning how to use their voices; and it could give good advice on how to do so in a smart and safe manner.

Let’s face it, we have had too many mass shootings.  At schools, definitely, but at night clubs, at music venues….. so many are saying that the school shootings are a bullying issue.  They aren’t wrong.  This is something I have always been passionate about, and something that has to be worked on.  Kids can be damn cruel.  We need to teach our young to behave better, to help and be kind.  At the same time it cannot be ignored that these bullies did not buy the kid a gun.  How did they get it?  How can we as Americans say that it is okay for them to have access to these types of weapons simply because they turned 18?  Seriously, I wasn’t a “responsible adult” until 24, and I still don’t always feel like one at 35!  That’s me, though, some are responsible gun enthusiast that take care to have their weapons locked up, away from young hands.  I don’t want to take away their rites.  I want stricter laws on buying, I want each weapon to have to be registered.  I want psych evals before purchase of freaking assault riffles.  I want classes on gun safety.  The life of my niece is worth so much more than the minor inconvenience this would cause.

Rant ended.  I love you guys.  Be safe.


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